The 5 Best Sleeper Sofas For Your Small Living Room

Say you're hosting overnight guests, and because open areas are limited, you're considering buying some Murphy beds. Hold that thought. Rather than trading comfort for space, you have plenty of options when it comes to small sleeper sofas.

Remember those roll-out couch beds with box springs that would jab you every time you rolled over? Well, sleeper sofas aren't your grandparents' sofas. Likewise, they're not as primitive as those fold-down futons from college. While people often think of them as versatile pieces for people on a budget, today's models are often as plush and luxe as anything you'd want in your home. And that's great news, because even if you outgrow the need to have them around, they can still serve as beautiful furniture pieces.

To narrow your options a bit more, start your search for sleeper sofas rather than sofa beds. Home Industry Standard Design defines the difference like this: Similar to futons, sofa beds fold down flat, and the back often serves as part of the mattress when it all clicks into place for sleeping. Conversely, sleeper sofas have hidden springs tucked away in the frame, and their intention is to mimic an actual bed. 

Ultimately, they both fulfill the same purpose, but just go about it differently. Here are five of the best sleeper sofas on the market.

1. CB2 sofa

Compact, simple, and stately, the CB2 Club Queen Sleeper Sofa ($2,199) could be just what's needed to welcome overnight guests. While it's not as tiny as you can go, this model isn't so big that it will crowd a small living room or studio when extended for sleeping.

Because its design is unobtrusive, you could very well own this sofa for years to come — perhaps even after getting a new place with a guest room and its own bed. The manufacturer touts features like the cushion overhang and a curved back to offer more support and relaxation.

Per the listing, customers rave about the variety of custom options — the chenille fabric cheetah print left someone "over the moon" — and its overall comfort. Others say they expected it to be longer when fully extended, only to find out it was closer to the industry standard of 71 to 72 inches and that they found the sofa a little too unforgiving as a place to sit.

In terms of specs, the sofa is 77 inches wide and comes in an assortment of color and fabric choices, including wool, cotton, linen, and blends of polyester. All seat cushions are made from fiber and soy-based polyfoam. Meanwhile, the bed pulls out and the attached mattress is comprised of coil foam that's 5.25 inches thick. The frame is also a standout since it's made from kiln-dried hardwood that inhibits warping.

2. Henry sofa

Good things come in small packages with the West Elm Henry Sleeper Sofa ($1,499). For those who think a queen-sized version takes up too much real estate, you can instead snag this snug loveseat, which hides a 61-inch twin-sized bed.

This model has dozens upon dozens of different fabric options that range from basketweave to velvet linen, chenille, twill, canvas, and boucle. Its frame is hand-built, and the upholstery is hand-finished. Additionally, the sleeper sofa's legs are kiln-dried solid wood with a chocolate-stain finish. Intended to provide extra comfort, foam-padded loose and reversible cushions are part of the package, too.

The manufacturer grades the seating tensile strength at medium (on a 1 to 5 scale, this sofa is a 3), and the sleeper components include a mattress that's fairly traditional, offering a pocket coil system for additional support. Meanwhile, the deluxe model boasts a memory foam mattress in a platform style to bypass any need for springs or bars.

The Henry Sleeper Sofa's legs are removable, making it easy to move in and out of tight spaces. More specifically, with its legs removed, the sofa will fit through a 36-inch door. Additionally, West Elm even sells sheets made specifically for this sleeper. Although it fits two people rather than three, it's easily the Mighty Mouse of its class.

3. Hume sofa

A show of hands, please: Who knew klick-klack sofas were a thing? The Hume Klick-Klack Sofa with Pull-Out Bed from Raymour & Flanigan is one such option that retails at $1,149.95, but is on sale for $1,006.21. As you can see, this sleeper has a bit more personality, and unlike many others, the arms are removable to make it easier to fit through tight spaces.

So, where exactly does klick-klack get its name? Put simply, it comes from the sound the sleeper makes as its interlocking functions are brought into play. The noise also serves as something of a safety measure, as it literally indicates when everything is properly assembled and securely in place. The Hume sleeper is a solid choice as a starter piece and would be ideal for someone who doesn't plan to stay in any one place too long, but can't predict where they'll be moving in the next year or so.

While some buyers may view its 150-pound weight as a bonus, others point out that at its size, you'd better hope you're either sleeping alone or your companion doesn't rustle around too much or snore. In many ways, a piece like this, while well-constructed of quality materials, is considered intermediary furniture. Not classy enough to be a permanent fixture in your living room, but it's ideal to move into a media room or sunroom as your finances and tastes evolve.

4. Hemnes daybed

A charming little sleeper sofa (retailing at $677), the Hemnes Daybed from IKEA serves as a perfect relaxation spot on a rainy afternoon for any younger guests who want to play with crayons and sip hot cocoa. However, it's also a cozy double bed adorned with three large drawers perfect for storing sheets, blankets, and pillows.

There's a lot you can read into the intentionally simple structural appeal — everything from its obvious nod to farmhouse style to its breakfast nook coziness and Narnia-like charm and whimsy. There's also a cocoon-like effect resulting from the high back frame that's lacquered for easy maintenance, and the mattress is created of resilient foam construction.

The Hemnes Daybed is perfectly suited for adult living as well, which is what makes it such a great addition. Indeed, it's easy to see this piece getting moved several times within a home, such as a kids' room, an enclosed patio, or a foyer.

While most love the sofa and the bed it becomes, some reviewers grouse about the assembly. For instance, someone said it took multiple people to put together, while another proud parent claimed her 14-year-old daughter did it by herself. But if the set-up of IKEA furniture is a drawback, surely the benefits include incredibly detailed information that lets you know ahead of time just how well their pieces fit into any given room.

5. Cameron twin sleeper sofa

Still in need of something smaller? Don't worry. Pottery Barn's Cameron Roll Arm Upholstered Twin Sleeper, which retails between $1,599 and $2,999, has got you covered. The bite-sized sleeper offers you something that's just a bit larger than your average plush chair, but smaller than a couch, and it's both sturdy and beautiful, too. Case in point: In a closed position, it measures 56 inches wide by 37 inches deep and 35 inches high. While open, it's 56 inches wide by 89 inches deep and 35 inches high.

Containing a twin-sized bed outfitted with a foam mattress, this snug sofa sleeper offers enhanced elasticity for comfort and minimal preparation since it's self-fluffing. Additionally, the mattress has a wicking component to prevent guests from getting sweaty. Not to mention, the bourbon-finished legs are removable and the cushions are polyester-wrapped to create firmness.

It also touts a feature called "compression recoverability," which means the only impressions your guests will leave will be in your memory. Finally, there are adjustable levelers to ensure your sofa sits flush regardless of whether your floor slopes, which is a real godsend for tenants who live in older apartments where the floors are often not completely flat.