The Best Neighborhoods In Seattle To Buy A Home

Seattle is known for its coastal charm and rainy weather, making it an ideal city for those who prefer a moody and cozy setting. According to Visit Seattle, this urban city is surrounded by majestic mountains and blue waters, resulting in a unique combination of city life and natural beauty. That said, while areas like Downtown Seattle have an urban vibe, several neighborhoods around the city have a more suburban feel and style.

Whether you're looking to lay down roots in a city that provides prime access to nature or simply want to experience living in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is a lively place that is well worth exploring. From Capitol Hill to Queen Anne, each neighborhood in Seattle possesses its own charm and uniqueness, so it is essential to know your options before deciding. That said, we've rounded up some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle to buy a home.

Capitol Hill

According to GoodMigrations, Capitol Hill is a creative, bright, unique neighborhood set a couple of miles outside Downtown Seattle. Capitol Hill is the neighborhood of choice for many of Seattle's young professionals drawn to the lively nightlife, wealth of delicious restaurants, live music venues, cafes, boutique shopping, and more (via Visit Seattle). In addition to its vibrant nightlife, Capitol Hill is home to an array of start-ups and rapidly growing businesses. Seattle University also brings a community of intelligent self-starters to the neighborhood.

Capitol Hill is proudly home to a large population of members of the LGBTQ+ community, with many sidewalks, streets, and homes boasting rainbow pride flags. Some areas of Capitol Hill are infamous for their pricing, and the neighborhood is even home to what some call Millionaire's Row. However, if you look in the right areas, Capitol Hill still offers some relatively affordable homes attainable for the average budget. The median home price comes out to $600,00 (via Redfin).


Are you looking for a neighborhood with a rich history? Ballard is one of Seattle's oldest districts, offering residents and tourists an incredible blend of modern Seattle with its rich Nordic history. Per Visit Seattle, Ballard was its own city with a prominent fishing industry and heavy Nordic influence. In 1907, Ballard was annexed to Seattle (via HistoryLink). Today, Ballard still offers glimpses of its history while giving residents a wealth of hip bars, restaurants, and stunning wharf views. The area combines old and new in a beautiful way.

Ballard's northwestern Seattle location offers residents some of the most stunning bay views in all of Seattle. These views, combined with the beautifully constructed homes, parks, and outdoor community spaces, lead to a higher price than many other Seattle neighborhoods. Although the median home price of $900,000 is undeniably pricey, the charm, views, and sense of community history are well worth the hefty investment (via Realtor).


Located on the north bank of the canal, Fremont is a bohemian-style neighborhood with a population of around 12,000 people, per On The Go Moving. With a nice blend of residential streets and bustling city life, residents can enjoy a sense of neighborhood community while also taking advantage of some of the biggest perks of city living. Some of these benefits include Fremont's easily accessible public transportation combined with the already walkable nature of the neighborhood. Residents can enjoy the best parts of the area and reach other nearby neighborhoods without a car.

Although Fremont is home to many young entrepreneurs and professionals because of its central location, the highly rated schools and consistent ranking as one of Seattle's safest neighborhoods make it an ideal neighborhood for families to purchase a home. The median home price is just over $1 million (via ZeroDown). While pricey, it's worth it for those with a more flexible budget.

Queen Anne

Known for stunning architecture, sweeping views of the Seattle skyline, and the city's most famous landmark, the Space Needle, the Queen Anne neighborhood boasts some of the most impressive properties in the city. According to Seattle Travel, Queen Anne is northwest of Downtown Seattle and boasts some of the most beautiful views. From the skyline to the incredible natural beauty of Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier, the Cascades, Lake Union, and Glacier Peak, the home values and quality of life are high in the Queen Anne area.

In addition to the incredible views, the homes in Queen Anne are also stunning. The wealthy neighborhood hosts magnificent historical bungalows, craftsman-style homes, and homes built in its namesake Queen Anne style (via Seattle Mortgage Planners). Streets lined with these beautiful homes complete with elaborate gardens, neatly-trimmed walls of shrubbery, and spacious properties have led to an increase of affluent home buyers in the neighborhood over the last decade. With this increase, the median home cost in Queen Anne is around $1.02 million. This price offers homebuyers the most stunning views and incredible homes in the city.

Pioneer Square

Located in the heart of historic Downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square is one of the most lively, well-connected transportation hubs. According to Pioneer Square, it's accessible by Interstate 5 and 90, as well as Highway 99. It boasts a direct connection to SEA-TAC airport via Sound Transit Link Light Rail. Pioneer Square is an excellent neighborhood for Seattlites looking for a home base with easy access to other parts of the coastal city.

Pioneer Square was established in 1852 as Seattle's first neighborhood. Its longstanding history blends beautifully with multiple cycles of urban renewal and economic, architectural, and business booms over the last 150 years. The area has a unique character and distinct charm. Modern new restaurants and shops find their home along the centuries-old cobblestone streets, allowing residents to take full advantage of historic beauty and modern comforts (via Visit Seattle). With a median home price of around $653,000, potential homeowners are able to enjoy a top-notch neighborhood at a relatively affordable price in Pioneer Square (via Redfin).

West Seattle

Separated from the rest of Seattle by the Duwamish River and Elliot Bay, West Seattle is home to almost ⅕ of the entire population of Seattle, according to the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce. West Seattle takes pride in its commitment to environmentalism, community involvement, and collective responsibility its residents partake in keeping the neighborhood safe, clean, and environmentally conscious. With such a focus on the natural beauty of this Seattle region, it is no surprise that West Seattle is home to some of the city's most impressive parks and most breathtaking peninsula views (via Visit Seattle).

With a handful of smaller residential areas within the West Seattle community, homeowners can enjoy a sense of small-town community with access to the inherently urban feel of Seattle. West Seattle is ideal for potential homeowners, with a top school district, bountiful outdoor spaces, and many shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. The higher median home price of $875,000 reflects the high quality of life in this popular Seattle neighborhood (via Realtor).

Downtown Seattle

Are you looking to spend your days in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the United States? Residents of Downtown Seattle can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the rapidly growing northwestern city. According to The Seattle Times, over 100,000 residents live in the city center, meaning there is never a dull moment for the diverse population of the Downtown Seattle district. Downtown Seattle is truly the heart of the greater Seattle area and is the epicenter for business, art, professional sports, and tourism. Even in the most developed parts of Downtown Seattle, residents and tourists alike still enjoy sweeping coastal and mountain views, allowing for a sense of fresh open air that is hard to come by in many other major cities.

With a median home price of $614,500, living downtown is the perfect spot for young, lively, active professionals to buy their first home and enjoy the perks of living in a vibrant Seattle neighborhood (via Redfin).


Located just next door to downtown is the similarly busy neighborhood of Belltown. According to GoodMigrations, this beautiful waterfront region is one of the most walkable and lively neighborhoods in the entire city, making it a hub for young professionals, students, families, and artists from far and wide. Belltown is most well known for its waterfront shopping, dining, and entertainment and is a popular location for local visitors to spend their weekends in addition to the neighborhood's many residents. You can stretch your legs while window shopping, checking out local restaurants, and the bustling waterfront.

In addition to the thriving shopping and nightlife, Belltown is also home to some of the most incredible coastal views, beautiful kid-friendly parks, and highest-rated public school systems in the city, leading to its ranking as the fifth best neighborhood to live in all of Seattle (via Niche). With a median home cost of just under $721,000, Belltown consistently makes its way to the top of potential homeowners' lists.


Georgetown is a rapidly transitioning industrial neighborhood that has become a haven for many of Seattle's up-and-coming creatives. According to GoodMigrations, this bohemian neighborhood features warehouses and booming industry, some of which still serve their original commercial functions. Others are now loft-style apartments, galleries, breweries, and other funky local establishments.

This creative neighborhood is known for its unique, eclectic collection of restaurants, bars, and residents. This lively scene, combined with its ever-evolving development and presence of massive industry, allows rent to be lower than in many other Seattle neighborhoods, further contributing to the influx of artists and other younger, first-time homeowners. While the median home price of $705,000 does still lie on the higher end compared to other Seattle neighborhoods, there are pockets of the Georgetown neighborhood that offer markedly more affordable home-buying options. They allow residents to enjoy the underground energy of this creative space within the city (via Zillow).

University District

Named fittingly for its location right outside the internationally recognized University of Washington, the University District neighborhood offers more than what meets the eye. According to U District, many of the residents in this area are students attending the University of Washington. However, the neighborhood is also home to a residential community of families, professors, researchers, and working professionals.

The University District offers residents the perfect blend of residential serenity and bustling business areas. With international cuisine, active nightlife spots, and seemingly limitless shopping, convenience is never an issue for homeowners in the area. However, as you retreat off of the main streets in this neighborhood, you find many tree-lined streets, beautiful single-family homes, an active community center, and a wealth of family-friendly parks. The median home cost in this northeastern Seattle neighborhood comes to just under $720,000 but gives homeowners quiet, peaceful residential streets and spacious yards, making purchasing a home in this community worth every penny (via Orchard).


According to Movoto, Montlake offers residents a peaceful, residential, and high-end lifestyle even amidst the center of Seattle. While the bustling neighboring communities of Capitol Hill and University District are home to economically diverse residents, most residents of Montlake are high-earning professionals and families, which reflects in the pricing and style of the homes available in this luxurious neighborhood. Montlake is surrounded by natural beauty, with Lake Washington Ship Canal on one side and the Washington Park Arboretum on the other, providing most properties with stunning views of both land and sea.

The more suburban feel of Montlake means more spacious lots, bigger homes, and therefore higher prices, with the median home price coming in at just under $1.1 million (via Niche). However, the neighborhood's high-rated school system, peaceful suburban feel even within an urban city, low crime rates, and stunning natural beauty makes Montlake an idyllic place to call home for those who can afford to purchase in this luxe neighborhood.

Colombia City

Colombia City is one of Seattle's most popular residential neighborhoods. According to Movoto, Colombia City is known for being diverse in every sense of the word. From the residents to the home style, restaurants to the shopping, people from all over come together in Colombia City, making it one of the most dynamic and exciting pockets in Seattle. The dining options include delicious Thai, Ethiopian, Mexican, and Caribbean cuisine. Colombia City's walkability, stylish and spacious homes, steady real estate market, and proximity to the Downtown District make it the ideal neighborhood for young professionals and successful business people. The presence of parks, a community environment, and ample outdoor space make Colombia City ideal for families settling down with children.

Although Colombia City offers a drastic range of home prices, including everything from single-bedroom condominiums to stately homes on spacious lots, the median home price comes to around $853,000 (via Redfin).