We Tried The Cheapest Mop At Bed Bath & Beyond. Here's How It Went

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Mops are one of the most recognized and integral parts of a home cleaning tool kit. But what exactly makes a good one? According to I Am Not The Babysitter, when buying a mop, it's important to consider your type of flooring. Depending on the material, there will be specific cleaning methods which protect it. And if you pick a mop that's too abrasive, you may end up damaging your floor or the grout. Additionally, when choosing any cleaning tool it's important to take your physical limitations into account; mops should aid your cleaning and be easy to use. For example, if it's hard for you to bend down, your mop should accommodate that with a longer handle or attachment.

That criteria got us thinking: Could a cheap option actually do the job? Sure all mops clean, but is there an affordable one that won't destroy flooring and is adaptable to folks with different needs? Our search led us to the Bed Bath & Beyond website where we found a Hardwood Floor Flat Mop with 16" Washable Reusable Microfiber Pads for Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning by Kitchen + Home for $24.99. In addition to having washable attachments, the mop promises to be safe for all types of flooring. With a claim like that and a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Amazon, we had to put it to the test.

Product details

Because the Kitchen + Home Hardwood Flat Mop is available online only, we had to wait a week for it to be shipped to us. At the time of purchase it was $24.99 and came as a bundle with a starter kit and a spare pad. The mop arrived in a small parcel with four rods, a head attachment, and two microfiber pads. We were surprised at how much it looked like the other flat mops on the market with one extra caveat: It comes apart for storage and adaptability.

At first glance, the Kitchen + Home Hardwood Flat Mop looks like its competitors, the Swiffer and the Bona Hardwood Spray Mop, with the one exception being the Kitchen + Home model is not a spray mop. However, it can operate dry or wet with its included microfiber attachment and disposable wipes made by its competitors. It features a 365-degree head that swivels and the microfiber pads can be washed and reused up to 100 times. Additionally, Kitchen + Home claims the mop can be used dry as a dust mop, which collects and traps dust, hair, fur, and other fine particles. While wet it can gently and safely clean all floor surfaces including tile, laminate, marble, and wood.

Testing it out

In order to test the Kitchen + Home Hardwood Flat Mop we used it for several different tasks around the home. Specifically, we wanted to see if it stood up to its claim of being gentle enough to clean any type of flooring material. To evaluate that, we used the flat mop on wood, laminate, renter-friendly peel-and-stick tile, and marble floors. For every test we cleaned the surface both wet and dry, as well as compared how the mop performed with its competitor, the Swiffer.

We also wanted to measure how easily the flat mop adjusted when used by people of different heights and varying abilities. So, we reduced the height to the lowest it could go and had a child attempt to mop the surfaces. Additionally, we wanted to assess the durability of the microfiber pads, so we put them through a total of five wash cycles to see how they withstood being cleaned.

How it exceeded our expectations

First and foremost, one of the most surprising things we noticed is how easy it is to navigate the Kitchen + Home Hardwood Flat Mop. Unlike its competitors, this mop swivels a full 360 degrees and requires very little force. In fact, it practically guides on all of the surfaces we tested. And, when the mop head bumps into something like a rug or separator, it simply stops instead of having the force come back at you. 

At just a little over a pound and thanks to its sleek design, the mop is easy to maneuver around — even for a child. It also doesn't get stuck under surfaces, which eliminates the risk that a child may hurt themselves using it. Additionally, the provided microfiber head picks up dust and pet hair fairly easily without getting clogged and the particles don't shed back onto the floor. When you wet the provided microfiber pad, it also does not drench in water, which makes it easy to use –- especially on slippery surfaces like vinyl.

The flat mop also comes with four rods that allow you to adjust the height. This feature is handy when cleaning windows or baseboards because it allows you to reach them without having any extra weight or without having to crouch. Additionally, the flat mop also holds its competitors wet disposable wipes, which allows you to clean surfaces without additional detergents. The wet wipes are also great for sticky messes.

What we would change

One of the biggest things that we'd change with the Kitchen + Home Hardwood Flat Mop is the microfiber attachment. While it's durable and can withstand multiple cleanings without shedding or damage to the integrity of the material, it does have major downsides.

For starters, the microfiber mop head is attached by Velcro. While the Velcro is durable, it's also incredibly hard to clean on its own and a few reviews mention that it falls off after a few months. Looking at the placement of the Velcro and how exposed it is to the elements, it does seem likely that it will be damaged after some light use. Additionally, if pet hair or other fibers get into the Velcro, they have to be fished out — otherwise the mop head falls off or hangs crooked. Secondly, the mop itself is made out of a thin aluminum metal, which is prone to rust and damage. While it is lightweight, a few drops will easily dent or damage the components.

Would we buy it again?

All things considered, for under $30 we would purchase the Kitchen + Home Hardwood Flat Mop again. Because the height is easily adjustable and the head is a full 360 swivel, the mop is incredibly easy to use. Additionally, because it's made of lightweight material and weighs just a little over a pound, it's great for children and people who struggle with traditional spray mops. The mop is also a perfect option for people who are environmentally-conscious or want more options with how they clean. 

Because the flat mop allows users to clean wet, dry, and with disposable wet wipes, it's good for homes with multiple surface types. It's also easy to store because it quickly collapses back into four rods and the head attachment, making it ideal for apartments and homes with very little spare storage. The microfiber cloth is also a standard 16 inches, which allows users to use competitor brands or easily purchase replacements at retail locations instead of waiting for a specialized shipment.