Home Depot's Most Extravagant Christmas Décor

When November arrives, it means it's about three weeks from Thanksgiving, which, for many of us, means the start of decorating every part of the house with Christmas décor. (Unless you get filled with the holiday spirit the second Halloween is over, that is, which means you've probably already started decorating by November 1.)

While Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, some families do feel stress and anxiety when unpacking multiple boxes containing decorations for inside and outside the house, per St. George News. In a study on holiday decorating, Units Moving and Portable Storage found that from the 502 Americans surveyed, more than 25% said decorating for Christmas causes conflict among family members. In addition, the pressure of having the best embellishments in the neighborhood can take away the enjoyment of decorating.

To deal with this decorating stress, you could make it a rule not to put out all your decorations in a day. Instead, decorate over several days. Further, you could opt for using bigger items versus smaller ones, which would make the space more festive in less time, as these items are typically easier to set up  (via Maria Shriver). On that note, The Home Depot has a variety of larger Christmas decorations that can make your home look extravagant (more quickly) and are easy to organize.

Because we know the stress of Christmas decorating, we've gathered a few simple décor items from The Home Depot you may consider including in your home this Christmas season.

Giant LED Angel

The Home Depot's 7.5-foot White LED Angel is an oversized sculpture designed for front yards. The sculpture features a light white silhouette with a red bow, golden angel wings and a halo, and a shining silver star in the angel's hand. The angel figure has a metal frame that's water-tolerant, and it costs $129 on The Home Depot website.

Decorate the angel with a simple background, such as wreaths along the doors or windows and wrapped garland on the porch rail. Decorating a few shrubs with bright Christmas lights could also work as a neutral background. The angel is part of Home Depot's elegant collection, which features other oversized sculptures, such as a reindeer pulling a sleigh, a snowman, and a nativity set. Customers who bought the angel figure claim that it was challenging to assemble, but with solid zip ties, it'll withstand the weather.

Berry Bliss Garland

When it comes to outdoor holiday decorations, try to create a warm welcome with limited decorations. The Unlit Berry Bliss Garland will transform the front door, especially if you enjoy decorating with simple but impactful pieces. It's made up of multiple artificial pine branches with red poinsettias sprinkled in for color, pine cones, small red berries, and other artificial leaves. It's 17 feet long, allowing you to wrap it around the frame of a door, through a rail, or around a pillar, and costs $79.98 from The Home Depot. The garland can also be used indoors along the windows or chimney or serve as a backdrop for the Christmas tree.

The Berry Blis garland received 4.8 out of 5 stars on the Home Depot website. Reviewers said they got many compliments on the decoration and were asked where they bought it. One customer bought five garlands to decorate the exterior of their house. Another customer claimed it fit perfectly over their two-car garage. The garland has wreaths and small trees to match as a set.

Santa in Sleigh with Reindeer

Metal-framed figures are sometimes hard to assemble, so inflatable characters might be the route to take for your large Christmas décor. They're painless to set up and create a festive look for any yard. The Santa in Sleigh with Reindeer inflatable from The Home Depot, which features a waving Santa accompanied by three reindeer and a sleigh full of presents, stands 5 feet tall and costs $149.

The inflatable, filled with energy-efficient LED lights, is made of polyester and includes ropes and stakes to keep it in place. Further, according to one customer, it inflates itself, saving that much more time for other decorating. The Santa inflatable is also part of Home Depot's festive collection, which features other airblown figures like the Grinch, Rudolph the Reindeer, and a Star Wars-themed inflatable.

For your Christmas-themed front yard, you could display one or a few inflatables on the lawn, along with Christmas lights and a beautiful Christmas wreath on the door.