Home Depot Or Lowe's: Which Has Better Deals On Playsets?

Setting up a play spot for the kids is fun and exciting, however, as with any expensive item, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a backyard playset. According to Backyard Escapes, the first aspect to think about, and perhaps most important, is safety. We all know that kids will be kids and they're almost guaranteed to get scuffed up a time or two. Yet, if you can prevent this from happening, then by all means you should do so. Playsets that are made out of premium vinyl or pressure treated wood are said to keep hazards at a minimum. In addition, you'll want to think about the durability of the set. Both vinyl or pressure treated wood are long-lasting, requiring minimum maintenance throughout their lifetime.

Once these factors are decided, consider the ages of the children for whom you're purchasing it. You don't want to buy a set that will be abandoned after only a few years of usage. Leisure Installs states that it's also crucial to take into consideration the size of your yard as well as the size of the playset you want to purchase to ensure there will be enough room. Now all you have to do is go shopping for your new toy. Since Home Depot and Lowe's each have a variety of options, let's see which has the better deal.

Lowe's Backyard Discovery playset

Over at Lowe's, one of their best-selling products is the Canyon Creek Residential Wood Playset by Backyard Discovery, which can be purchased for around $1,600. Made of mostly wood, there are many features included such as an upper deck, two balconies, a lower clubhouse, a 5-foot rock climbing wall, multiple swings, a 10-foot slide, and a picnic table with benches. Smaller details include a chalkboard, toy grill accessories, a steering wheel, and a telescope. Once assembled, this set will stretch a little more than 15 feet wide. The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends having 6 feet of clear space on all sides, so make sure in advance that you'll have enough room.

The recommended age for the Canyon Creek set is from two to 10 years old and has a maximum capacity of nine kids. A 5-year limited warranty is available when purchasing. Based on a 90% recommendation rate, this product has earned a 4.4-star rating. One consumer stated that, while they were happy with the set, they had to seal it when installing it, which took extra time; however, their kids loved the finished product. Another reviewer commented that they've had their playset for over a year now and it's still looking great. They went on to say that the assembly instructions were clear and they managed to have it installed within four days by working gradually each day.

Home Depot's Gorilla playset

One of the most popular options at Home Depot is the DYI Outing III Wooden Outdoor Playset by Gorilla Playsets. You'll have the option to purchase the set alone or to include professional installation. When opting to DIY, the coast is close to $1,150. If you opt for installation the price will increase to almost $1,490. Once assembled, this playset will be just over 13 feet wide. It is constructed of wood and contains play areas such as two swings, a slide, a rock wall, and a sandbox. For this set, the smaller details include a telescope, steering wheel, and flag kit. It's also equipped with a safety ladder and grab handles so kids can easily maneuver from one area to another. It is designed for kids aged three to 11.

Returnable for 90 days after purchase, the Outing III comes with a 10-year limited warranty on the lumber as well as a 1-year warranty on the accessories. This product received a 4.6-star rating and a 94% recommendation rate. One consumer stated that it took three adults and seven hours of work, but the set felt solid once finished.

Even though these playsets have similar features, we'd have to say the better deal is at Home Depot. The Gorilla brand set costs less, has a better rating and recommendation percentage, and can be returned after purchase. Not only does it have a longer limited warranty, a second warranty specific to the accessories is also included.