The Rubber Band Hack That Makes Painting Easier

Who knew that rubber bands have more than just a single purpose? The unique invention was created to hold objects together, but since their development homeowners everywhere have been discovering hacks to get the most out of the elastic. 

The best thing is that they are inexpensive, so you can purchase a whole bunch of them to have around in case you need them. For example, Awesome Inventions suggests using rubber bands to keep your wine glasses secure in the dishwasher, or wrapping them around the ends of a clothes hanger to keep your new top from sliding off and becoming wrinkled. 

As you can see, these little elastics can help you in all sorts of situations, but did you know you can also use them when painting your home? Yes, rubber bands can make your paint job easier and less messy. It may seem a bit odd to use rubber bands while painting, but once you learn the benefits of having them around, you'll understand why we're fans.

Create a paint drip catcher

Think about any time you've painted your home — what was one of the most significant issues you faced? If you answered "dripping paint," you're certainly not alone. To prevent paint from dripping from the brush, simply stretch a rubber band over the open paint can so the elastic is lying across the top, Awesome Inventions demonstrates. 

Now, you can swipe your brush against the band to discard any excess paint in between dips. The stretched band also works as a paintbrush holder. Just set your brush atop the can whenever you need a break!

By using this rubber band hack, you won't be dirtying other surfaces or resorting to leaving the brush in the can. You'll finish the job with minimal tools, and you'll have less of a mess to clean up after you've finished. So, if you don't have rubber bands in your home, it's time to run to the store and get yourself a large pack of elastics. Your floors and walls will thank you!

Why you should eliminate excess paint

Besides the obvious fact that this trick reduces mess, using the rubber band hack also prevents issues with painting your home. For example, if you don't take the time to eliminate the extra paint on your brush while painting a room, you might notice excess paint dripping down the wall (or falling from the ceiling), completely botching the end product, says West Magnolia Charm

Of course, you're also wasting paint by not taking advantage of this hack as well. By wiping away the excess, you're putting it back into the can, as opposed to having it slosh all over the floor.

Additionally, having too much paint on a brush can potentially ruin your brush. If you don't remove all the extra paint during the cleanup process, its bristles can harden and completely lose their shape. Thus, instead of dunking your entire brush into the paint can, go in about a third of the way (per West Magnolia Charm). Your brush will retain an ideal amount of paint and won't leave unsightly spots on your walls.