Sarah Vulpio

Photo of Sarah Vulpio
Chicago, Illinois
Kent State University
Astrology, Dating Advice, Latest Fashion Trends
  • Sarah has written her first children’s book, entitled, “P’s Great Bake,” which is currently pending publication.
  • Some say her obsession with astrology is over-the-top, but she claims it helps educate her about which zodiac signs are worth dating (and who to stay away from).
  • Additionally, she is staff writer for Fitz Games. The company’s first product, “The Girl Code,” is set to launch in Targets nationwide later this year.


Sarah began her career in comedy and satirical writing, but eventually changed focus to relationship and lifestyle content, which has been published at Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and PopSugar. From there, she joined Static Media, where she worked as a feature writer for House Digest, and has since become part of the fabulous Glam team. As a video game lover, Sarah is also a narrative writer for the video game company, Rice Games.
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