The Best Products At Target To Help You Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the home. According to a study by OnePoll in collaboration with Bosch Home Appliances, the average American spends about 400 hours in their kitchen each year (via Study Finds). All those family dinners, morning coffees, and late-night snacks add up to quite a bit of time spent in the proverbial heart of the home, so why not streamline your space to make it as functional and clutter-free as possible?

Target has become a go-to destination for just about everything from clothing to groceries, so it's no surprise that its online and in-store catalog has quite a few options to help you achieve your kitchen organization goals. To help you narrow down your decision, we decided to sort through the myriad choices and pick out the top five products to help you create a more streamlined and accessible kitchen space, based on price, quality, functionality, and customer reviews.

Youcopia Storalid Lid Organizer

Plates easily stack, utensils sit in their drawers, but Tupperware lids are a kitchen nightmare to organize. Thankfully, gone are the days of throwing all of your plastic lids in a kitchen cabinet and shutting the door as fast as you can before they slide back out. This Youcopia Storalid Lid Organizer keeps all of your lids sorted vertically so there's no slipping around and even includes customizable slats so you can cater the width of each section to your needs.

At only $13, customers say this organizer is a solid investment that has made a major difference in their cabinets. It's earned 4.6 out of 5 stars across 205 reviews, and, because it's so customizable, many have found alternate uses for the product as well. A few reviewers say that it doesn't work as well if you have a large variety of different types and sizes of lids, but for typical storage container sets, it does the job.

Keurig Under Brewer Storage Drawer

Keurig coffee makers are great to make your delicious morning cup without the mess of dealing with loose grounds and filters, but the boxes of K-Cups in your cabinet or on the counter can be a bit of an eyesore. Keurig thought of a solution with this Under Brewer Storage Drawer. This little metal drawer has enough room to fit up to 35 K-Cups and is strong enough to fit under the machine itself, meaning you won't be wasting any additional kitchen counter space. It's also made of metal, so there aren't any issues if you're faced with the occasional hot coffee spill. Just wipe it down, and you're good to go.

Reviewers give this storage drawer 4.6 out of 5 stars across 801 ratings, saying that for only about $30, it's a well-built and convenient way to store their coffee pods, especially for those that like to experiment with new flavors and have a mix from a few boxes.

Brightroom Shelf Expandable 3-Tier

If you enjoy cooking, you've likely racked up quite a few jars of spices in your kitchen throughout the years. They're pretty simple to store — after all, they don't normally take up much space — but the issue arises when you find yourself digging through your collection to find something specific. Staring at the tops of jars doesn't help you find what you're looking for, but this Brightroom Shelf Expandable 3-Tier might.

With a shelf like this, all of the labels of your spices are on display, making it easier for you to find what you're looking for. It even expands and shrinks to fit with your kitchen cabinets (or your growing collection) and is made of easy-to-clean plastic. For only $12, this shelf is a simple investment to help you step up your organizational game. Reviewers agree, giving it 4.6 stars across 443 ratings, and say that it's a multiuse purchase that works well for storing and displaying spices, canned goods, and even bathroom essentials.

Brightroom Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable

If you prefer to keep your kitchen's cooking essentials accessible at a moment's notice, investing in a Lazy Susan might be a good idea. This option, the Brightroom Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable, is only $11, made of acrylic, and includes dividers so you can separate different items. Use it to store oils, salt, and frequently used spices next to the stove, or bring it into your fridge to create a grab-and-go snack station like one clever reviewer.

This Lazy Susan earned 4.7 out of 5 stars across 255 reviews, with purchasers saying it's a simple piece that helped them organize just about anything. The one downside, however, is that a few customers reported that the handles on each side were not reinforced and broke over time. As long as you're not planning to carry anything too heavy, however, this is a budget-friendly item that can seriously improve the organization in your kitchen.

Brightroom Plastic Kitchen Organizer

Sometimes, you just need to bring it back to the basics. That's what these Brightroom Plastic Kitchen Organizers are for. At only $10 a piece, these organizers are a low-cost way to divide and separate the items on your counter, fresh produce in the pantry, or even drinks and snacks in the fridge. They're stackable, too, meaning you can stow them away if they aren't in use without taking up extra space, and the clear plastic means they're easy to clean and items are directly in view so there's no hunting for what you need.

This product's versatility has made it quite popular, and it's earned 4.8 out of 5 stars across 204 ratings. Customers say it's sturdy and simple, perfect for use in the fridge, pantry, or freezer to add a bit of extra organization to just about anything. Invest in a couple, and you'll be left with an Instagram-worthy kitchen in no time.