The Best Planters For Under $30

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Whether you just have one plant or a whole forest in your home, caring for houseplants is never a bad idea. They add a lot of liveliness and personality to a room and often help tie together different decorative elements, not only through the lush foliage but also through the planters they're potted in.

If you need to repot a plant, you may be discouraged by a trip to your local garden center. Planters that are equal parts decorative and functional tend to cost quite a lot, which Upgraded Home notes is because of the material used to construct them, as well as labor and transportation. Since most planters are made of ceramic and clay, a lot of time and money goes into sculpting, firing, packing, and shipping them, which is why the price tags tend to be so steep. While there's nothing wrong with a simple plastic pot, you shouldn't have to dent your wallet to have a decoratively appealing and sturdy planter. Keep reading for a list of cute and functional planters, all under $30.

1. Ikea Muskotblomma

Ikea's Muskotblomma terracotta pots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and cost $7. The 6-inch pots are made of silicone-treated terracotta and come with a saucer.

2. Urban Outfitters Loaf Shaped Planter

Urban Outfitters' Loaf Shaped Planter is a bit kitschier, being shaped and designed like a loaf of bread. The $20 planter is made out of stoneware and has a drainage hole at the bottom.

3. Threshold Small Brass Planter

Target's Threshold brass planter is 5.5 inches and costs $15. It's made of iron with a shiny, lacquered gold finish, and has three small feet so it sits flat on tabletops. 

4. AIMEBBY Succulent Planter

The AIMEBBY Succulent Planter from Amazon costs $21 and is designed like a face with closed eyes. The planter comes in three different skin tone options and is meant for succulents or other smaller plants. The planter is made of resin and includes a leakproof rubber stopper to cover the drainage hole as needed.

5. West Elm Handpainted Cachepots

West Elm's Handpainted Cachepots are both hand painted and glazed and made with Art in The Forest. The product description notes the traditional South African design and that the pots are made of earthenware. The planter costs $29.

6. Anthropologie Grecian Bust Pot

Anthropologie's Grecian Bust Pot comes in two sizes, the smaller of which costs $28. The smaller size is suitable for succulents or small plant cuttings and is made of hand-painted cement. 

7. CB2 Viv White Planter - Set of 3

CB2's Viv White Planter costs $17 and comes with three planters of various sizes. They're made of sturdy stoneware, but they don't have any drainage holes, meaning you'll either need to keep plants in their nursery pots or add your own drainage holes.

8. Style Selections Clay Planter

The Style Selections Clay Planter from Lowe's costs $30 and is designed in keeping with traditional Mexican pottery. It comes in three different shades — terracotta, washed stone, and charcoal. It has a drainage hole, but no saucer.

9. Ikea Chilistrån

Ikea's Chilistrån hanging planter is made of steel with a polyester coating and costs $13. It has a contemporary design with a vertical ring surrounding the pot, allowing you to hook multiple pots under one another to design a hanging garden. It does not have a drainage hole.

10. Urban Outfitters Strawberry Planter

Urban Outfitters' Strawberry Planter has a retro, '70s floral strawberry design and costs $29. The planter is 4.5 inches wide, ideal for younger plants. It has a drainage hole but does not come with a saucer.

11. Opalhouse Textured Ceramic Planter

Target's Opalhouse Textured Ceramic Planter is 6 inches wide and costs $14. The planter is made of a cream-colored ceramic with natural-looking grooves and a stoneware base. It does have a drainage hole, but you'll need to get a separate saucer.

12. Gepege Ceramic Rainbow Pearl Glaze Planter

The Gepege Ceramic Rainbow Pearl Glaze Planter from Amazon costs $29 and comes in three different sizes of planters. It comes in both a peach and cream white option with a gold base and is made of ceramic. Each planter has a large drainage hole.

13. West Elm Diego Olivero Rio Terracotta Cache Pots

West Elm's Diego Olivero Rio Terracotta Cache Pots are 4 inches wide and cost $19. The terracotta pots come in a triangle or stripe pattern. The pots are handmade and hand-glazed and have a drainage hole.

14. Ikea Muskot

Ikea's Muskot planter is 9.5 inches wide and costs $17. It's made of powder-coated ceramic. It's large enough to be a floor planter with a saucer underneath, but still small enough to be a tabletop planter, too.

15. Urban Outfitters Connected Goods Basket Planter

Urban Outfitters' Connected Goods Basket Planter costs $25 per planter and is made out of woven seagrass. The 6 inch planter isn't meant to be planted directly into, so you'll need to either keep your plants in their nursery pots or add an additional liner inside.

16. SCANDINORDICA Disco Ball Planter

The SCANDINORDICA Disco Ball Planter from Amazon costs $30 for the 6 inch size and comes in silver, rose gold, and gold. The disco ball planter is made of glass and plastic and comes with an 18-inch-long chain for hanging. 

17. Ikea Bollbuske

Ikea's Bollbuske is 6 inches wide, made of glazed stoneware, and costs $10. The top half is a light gray shade and the bottom and inside are a beige-cream color.

18. Opalhouse Tall Brass Footed Planter

The Opalhouse Tall Brass Footed Planter from Target costs $30 and is made of iron with a lacquered brass coating. It is 7 inches wide and deep and sits nearly 20 inches tall, allowing you to display smaller or younger plants in a floor planter. 

19. POTEY Ceramic Planter

The POTEY Ceramic Planter from Amazon costs $30 and comes in either Cushing green or white. The ceramic planter is 6.7 inches wide and has both a drainage hole and a matching saucer.

20. Opalhouse Sun Planter

The Opalhouse Sun Planter from Target costs $20 and is made of a cream-colored ceramic. The front of the planter has the image of a sun with a face and the pot itself has a drainage hole.