Here's How To Make Your Full-Size Headboard Fit Your Queen Bed

Bedrooms are some of the most personally curated areas of a home. It is a space we dedicate entirely to ourselves, where we can flop down on our plush mattress after a stressful day and soak in the comforts of our surroundings. It is only natural that, at some point, we want to upgrade the center of our bedrooms — our beds. However, this can be a costly endeavor. A mattress can cost anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands, and if you add an entirely new headboard to the expenses of a new mattress and frame, you might have a hard time convincing yourself to make the purchase. Cut down on costs where you can, and keep your headboard.

U.S. News reports that the most commonly owned mattress size is the queen mattress, and let's face it, most people downgrade the size of their beds. Here is how you can upgrade to a queen bed and keep a full-size headboard.

Excellent options

According to Casper, most headboards work with most bed frames. You can start by purchasing a full-to-queen converter kit, which can be ordered on Amazon or found at a local hardware store. Depending on the kit, they typically carry adapter brackets, bolts and screws, and an instruction manual. Another option is to make your headboard freestanding. This means it doesn't have to be attached to the bedframe; your bed can rest against it as it stands on the floor. Hill Furnishings gives a short video on making your headboard freestanding, directing you first to locate two wooden boards of your desired height. Once you have measured the two boards, drill one board to each side of the headboard with one screw at the top and one to secure it at the bottom. This will allow your bed to push up against the wooden legs, giving you a freestanding result. 

Lastly, consider mounting your headboard to the wall. With this method, you will install mounting brackets to the wall so that your headboard can hang seamlessly in place. Upgraded Home recommends using a stud finder to determine where to place your headboard and ensure the wall can hold the weight. From here, screw the mounting hangers into the wall, keeping them evenly spaced to match the length of the headboard. Then, attach the hanging brackets in the required location on the back of the headboard and slide it into place once finished.

Which is best for you?

If you want to use your full-size headboard on a complete queen bed — frame, boxspring, and all — a converter kit will probably be the most efficient option. Freestanding and wall mounting come in handy when you are looking to use your full-size headboard on a queen mattress only. Of course, these two methods can be used if you have a complete queen setup, but the conversion kit is commonly employed.

Also, consider how often you like to reorganize your bedroom. If you choose the wall-mounted option, you are looking at a very inconvenient change in feng shui. A converter kit or freestanding addition to your headboard allows for much more mobilization and endless design possibilities. Roomlay gives seven ways to arrange your bed to get the most out of your space and style. It might be the most convenient thing to hit the "order" button online, but taking on DIY projects can be more than just a great way to spare your bank account. Completing fun home projects can become dates with your significant other, quality time with your kids, or even just a therapeutic activity for yourself.