Erica Hawbaker

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Jacksonville, NC
University Of Iowa
Color Theory, Holistic Interior Design, Home Décor Trends
  • Erica has attended the world's largest home furnishings industry trade show in High Point, N.C. — which brings together retailers, manufacturers, and interior designers from both local and international levels.
  • Throughout her career, she has worked closely with multiple designers and industry experts in the home furnishings and interior design business to gain insight into how to build your dream home.
  • To study the home furnishing industry from numerous perspectives, Erica has visited many manufacturing facilities and textile mills to view behind-the-scenes how homes are curated from start to finish.


Before joining House Digest, Erica was an associate editor role at the publication Furniture Today, where she wrote about furniture design, business trends, and economic news. She was also featured in Furniture Today's sister publications, Home Accents Today, Home Textiles Today, and Designers Today. During her undergraduate career, Erica had the opportunity to participate in many of her undergraduate campus's publications, where she was able to publish some of her works and serve on different editorial staffs.


Having attended the University of Iowa, Erica gained specialized academic experience in English, editing, and publishing while participating in the culture of a UNESCO city of literature. Her full-ride scholarship under the Bright Scholars of Iowa Award funded her ability to graduate with her bachelor's in English and a writing certificate in publishing.
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