15 Budget-Friendly Ideas For Organizing Your Closet

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The closet is one of those spaces that easily get disorganized despite how hard you try to keep it tidy. Finding the right places for all the boots, clothes, and jewelry can be overwhelming if you don't know where to begin. Nonetheless, a clean and well-organized closet is a true asset for any home. It not only elevates the appeal of your bedroom but also makes your morning routine relatively easy. Think about how long you spend looking for a particular piece of cloth hidden in the middle of a heap of clothes. 

When it comes to organizing your closet, it all starts with accounting for everything inside and figuring out what needs to stay and what you should get rid of, according to The New York Times. Secondly, you need to find ways of using the available space better. Fortunately, several closet organizers allow you to take advantage of every inch of space. Regardless of the size of your closet, getting the right organizers will go a long way in helping you keep things tidy. Here are some of the top budget-friendly closet organizers you can take inspiration from.

1. Make use of baskets

Organizing your essentials in a basket is one brilliant way of keeping your closet tidy on a budget. The basket material doesn't matter; however, if you want to add style to your closet, these wicker baskets, going for $48.99, will give you just that.

2. Hanging purse organizer

Finding the right place to store your purses is easier said than done without having a designated spot to keep them. This hanging purse organizer from Amazon features storage spaces for eight purses which is more than enough for one person. Retailing at $11.49, this item is affordable.

3. Foldable cloth storage box

Storage cubbies have a way of making closet organization easy. However, if you don't have inbuilt storage cubbies, try these roomy organizing boxes for your closet. For $13.87, these boxes come in various sizes to accommodate different types of clothes.

4. Add an extra hanging rod

What better way to create more space in your closet than a double-hanging rod? Installing a second hanging rod is not expensive and will give you more room to hang other pieces of clothing. Take a look at this adjustable hanging rod with tension mounting for easy installation without drilling. Get it on Amazon for $23.99.

5. Over-the-door mount

You can create extra space behind your closet door with the right organizing tool. This particular over-the-door mount is easy to hook on your door and has multiple storage pockets for different clothes. Get it on Amazon for $18.87.

6. Hanging hat rack

Fitting all your prized hat collections in a closet is a hard ask, and this is particularly true if you need to keep them wrinkle-free. However, this hat rack with a box concept from Amazon, retailing at $19.99, is easy to mount on a clothing rod and comes with 10 cubbies for your hats.

7. Matching velvet hangers

While organizing your clothes, why not make the closet appealing during the process? One hack for improving the aesthetics of your closet is using matching hangers. This pack of 25 non-slip velvet hangers goes for $10.29.

8. A rack for your shoes

Organizing the closet doesn't stop at clothes; you also need to find a space for your shoes. If your closet doesn't have an inbuilt rack, you can shop for cheaper options. This simple stackable three-tier shoe rack for $16.97 is enough for 12 pairs.

9. Install a hat organizer

Finding a space for all your caps can be difficult. This particular hat organizer, with the capacity to hold up to 10 caps, is almost necessary for baseball cap lovers. They easily hang on a single hanger making it possible to have all your headdresses in one place. It's only $9.99 at Walmart.

10. How about closet lighting?

Installing lighting in your closet is not budget intensive and doesn't require the services of a pro. Try this battery-operated LED lighting with motion sensors for your closet. Retailing at $26.39, you don't need to break the bank to get this multipurpose light.

11. Use jewelry trays

The days of losing your priced jewelry are long gone. Moreover, you don't need anything fancy to store your jewelry. This stackable jewelry organizing tray for only $19.99 will safely hold all your precious metals in one place.

12. Wall-mounted hanger for your closet door

Keep things organized in your closet by using the space behind the closet door. Use this wall-mounted hanger that swings 180 degrees Fahrenheit for added convenience. It goes for $20.98 on Amazon.

13. A portable clothing rack

What do you do when your tiny closet is packed to the brim? Having a free-standing clothing rack is a good way of keeping things organized. Retailing at $64.99, this clothing rack from Wayfair even has storage for your shoes right below.

14. Shelf divider

Let's face it, organizing a long shelf doesn't always come out quite as neat. However, with this adjustable shelf divider from Amazon, you can now separate your closet shelves into small and awesome cubbies for storing all your clothes. It is easy to install and comes in a pair. Get it from Amazon for $25.98.

15. Personalize with a mirror

Make your closet appealing by adding décor elements on the door or any space you can spare. One good option is a mirror that will serve as a décor piece and double up as a dressing mirror. Retailing at $17.99, this four-piece frameless full-body mirror is the perfect addition to your closet.