15 Must-Haves To Update Your Walk-In Closet

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Having a walk-in closet can produce more benefits than just a place to hang your clothes. If you do your makeup and hair in this area, it can quickly become a go-to girl's hangout when you have friends over. As The Zoe Report points out, this trend is quickly becoming popular. In addition, according to Organized Interiors, as long as your closet is organized, you'll be able to locate what you need quickly as well as put clothes away easily. In return, this can relieve unnecessary stress that would otherwise be caused by having a messy space.

When the time comes for you to update your walk-in closet, there is plenty to consider. For starters, you have to decide exactly what you want to accomplish. Are you trying to turn a previously boring closet into a girl's club or do you want to style it based on organization and ease of access? Once you get these main points sorted out, you then get the privilege of shopping for the items you want to include in this new space. Whether you're looking to simply add extra lighting or invest in all new décor, here are 15 must-haves to update your joyfully organized walk-in closet.

1. Add extra lighting

There can never be too much lighting, especially when it comes to closets. Usually, this tiny space doesn't contain any windows which makes it one of the darkest areas in a home. However, Amazon sells this motion sensor light for $22 (or $36 for two). It is rechargeable and offers 600 lumens when in use. 

2. Design a seating area

If your closet is big enough, it would be convenient to add in a seating area of some sort. This way, you have a place to sit to strap on your shoes and your friends have a place to relax. For a little over $500, you can nab this sleek grey velvet sofa from Amazon

3. Make it comfy

Of course, you'll need some comfy items to go along with your new sofa. Amazon sells this 4-pack of 18-inch by 18-inch pillow case covers for $21. The colors included consist of neutral tones such as grey, beige, and khaki. Note that these are covers and you will need to buy the pillow inserts separately. 

4. Add more mirrors

Similar to lighting, you can never have enough mirrors in your walk-in closet either. After all, you need to see yourself and your outfits from many different angles. If space allows, Amazon sells this large 71-inch tall and 32-inch wide mirror for around $400. It has a metal black frame and comes with a stand. 

5. Hang a jewelry organizer

While some people keep their jewelry in a stand by itself, others choose to store their gold and silver in their closet. While there are many storage organizers you can choose from, Amazon sells this discreet double-sided hanging organizer with 40 pockets and 20 hooks and loops for $13. It hangs from a standard closet rod. 

6. Place some rugs on the floor

Closet flooring varies; while some may have carpet installed, others may have hardwood. If you have the latter, you may want to invest in a rug to make the area more comfortable for your feet. You can find this adorable and shaggy 5-foot by 8-foot area rug on Amazon for $57. 

7. Add a vanity

If you like to wear makeup on a daily basis, consider moving your setup into your walk-in closet. Not only will this save space in the bathroom, but you can get ready for the day all in one place. Amazon has this cute white vanity with 10 LED lights, four drawers, and six shelves for $220. 

8. A hamper will make things easier

Of course, it's common for many people to leave their clothes hamper in the laundry room. However, it might make life a little bit easier if you have one in your closet as well. For only $14, Amazon offers this collapsible black hamper that contains two hooks you can hang over a doorway.

9. A small ironing board for convenience

Another useful hack is storing your ironing board in your closet. This can be convenient when you go to pick out a shirt for work and notice wrinkles. If you don't want to store a full-size model in there, consider a smaller option. For just $35, you can get this tabletop ironing board on Amazon.

10. Organize your drawers

If you have a walk-in closet, chances are good you already have drawers installed. However, they may not always stay organized. When upgrading your closet, consider upgrading your organization skills as well. Amazon has a set of 12 foldable cloth organizers for $27. You can purchase these in seven different colors including white, black, pink, or grey.

11. Upgrade with a mini fridge

Okay, hear us out. If your closet is the hangout hub of your home, you're going to want to have a drink or two in there. And those drinks need to stay cold in a mini fridge. Amazon sells the most adorable mini Frigidaire ever for only $50. This model can fit six 12 ounce cans. 

12. Display some new décor

Even though it's a closet, it's an area of the home that deserve to be decorated. Of course, décor items should relate to the purpose served by a closet, which is why we love this canvas piece with the names of famous apparel designers on book spines. It's available on Amazon for just $17. 

13. Hang hooks for purses

There are two main ways to display purses: showcasing them on a shelf or hanging them on a hook. While the former is convenient, consider investing in hooks for your bags to save that coveted shelf space for other items like shoes. On Amazon you can find this 12-pack of silver hooks for $10. 

14. Hangers that organize

Since you're investing in hooks for your purses, consider updating your clothes hangers too. Fortunately, you don't have to get rid of your current hangers to do this. For just $9, Amazon sells space saver hangers that you hook your current clothing hangers to. It can then be let down so your clothes hang closer together. 

15. Hang an elegant chandelier

To bring everything together, add a touch of elegance to your newly updated walk-in closet with something like this sparkly firework-inspired LED chandelier, which is available on Amazon for $120. It is 23.5 inches in diameter and acts as an extra light source as well. However, something this fun will look great even when it's off.