The Economical Design Choice Nate Berkus And Jeremiah Brent Recommend For A Kid's Bedroom

One of the joys of being a first-time parent is setting up the nursery, a space dedicated to a new blessing entering your life. It can feel like a big undertaking, though, with the need to consider colors that are inspiring, a theme you love, and perhaps even furniture that matches perfectly. Some furniture is essential, such as purchasing a crib to keep your baby safe, but other items — like that super-cool wall décor you saw at the baby store — may not be. 

Nursery Design Studio suggests that the average cost of designing a nursery is around $2,500. That's a significant amount of money for many new parents, especially since you also need playpens, car seats, and plenty of diapers for the coming year. Moreover, it won't be long until you need to replace that toddler bed with a regular-sized one and update the décor to a more mature theme. This can prove to be an endless cycle of renovation and expenditure. However, there's one trick that Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent recommend when designing a kid's bedroom, which can work very well at helping you save money while continuing to meet your child's needs.

An economical tip to make the most of any kid's bedroom renovation

In an episode of "The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project," called "Family Comes First," the interior designing duo goes to work on Brad and Courtney's home in New York City. Their home needed a substantial amount of work, including creating a space dedicated to their four-year-old son, Fin, and their infant, Anders. During the design of this space, Berkus offers some tips that can help to save a bit of money — he recommends choosing furniture that can grow with your child.

One of his recommendations is to pick items that the child could end up taking with them when they move out into their own apartment years down the road. Most parents don't want to think about that, but choosing high-quality furniture that grows with them can help you avoid having to replace furnishings time and time again over the years. That helps you save money for other more important things, like a college fund.

Design with the future in mind, too

It's not just furniture that can grow with your child, though. The décor, wall coverings, and even the flooring can do the same. It may be fun to go with pink and blue bunnies for a baby, but that often needs to upgrade to a toddler and then elementary-school-friendly design over the years. By middle school, they'll need a whole new look again. Instead, Berkus recommends sticking with a look that can grow with them.

In the episode, Berkus recommends a unique wall-covering option for Fin. He recommends a backdrop of saturated color on the walls but something with texture. He chooses a woven wall covering that's a mix of blues and greens. The color of the child's room is beautiful and adds just enough character to the space. Most importantly, this interior design choice for the child's room is one that can grow with them over time. It's not too trendy nor too age-specific, and that means it will keep more money in the parent's pockets over the years.