20 Paint Colors Perfect For A Small Child's Room

As your child gets older, they may want to start making décor-related choices for their bedroom, which can be both adorable and exciting. It can also give you the opportunity to encourage their style and teach them how to redecorate while sticking to a budget (when they're old enough to understand, of course). However, when your child is a bit younger, then it's up to you to decide how their room should be decorated. While you could always opt to stick with a specific theme — such as a wild animal theme or an out-of-this-world space theme — you might also want to first focus on the paint color and go from there. Granted, there are a few things you should think about before you simply choose a color that happens to catch your eye.

In the same way that certain colors can affect an adult's mood, children are also affected in different ways by different colors. That's why parents and caregivers should consider shades of blue, which can be relaxing as well as greens and purples, which are also calming colors, according to Parents. Some shades of yellow, orange, and red can be too bright and stimulating for a child's bedroom, and are instead more ideal for a playroom. On the other hand, you won't want to choose a color that's too dark as it might bring down the mood of the room.

With that in mind, check out the following colors that are perfect for a small child's room.

1. Light blue

As calming as a serene summer sky that is also wonderfully cheerful, there's a reason why so many people choose a classic light blue for their child's bedroom. Suitable for a wide range of styles, it's also a color that will work with changing décor as your little one gets older and may want to make changes.

2. Light pink

Light pink is a shade that's just as classic as light blue and surely just as beloved thanks to the fact that it's timeless and oh-so-pretty. Another delightfully calming color that can be styled in an adorably sweet way when your child is little, it can also be paired with a more mature bedroom design as they age.

3. Light lavender

Take a bit of light blue and add a touch of light pink and you might end up with a stunning shade of light lavender. A lovely option that can be used in a little one's room that has a modern minimalist style, it could also go perfectly with an elegantly ornate style or cute contemporary country look.

4. Pinky peach

While peach is certainly a color that's both lovely and luscious, there are certain shades that might be too bright and stimulating for a small child's room. However, that doesn't mean that you can't use peach at all. Instead, opt for a soft pink shade that's just as nice but not quite as vibrant.

5. Light green

Opt for another classic color by choosing a light green for your small child's room. With the ability to give the room a natural vibe, you could fill the space with child-safe plants or use décor made of natural materials and nature-inspired accents such as a wood bed or crib, woven wicker storage baskets, and animal-shaped accents.

6. Soft turquoise

If you have any turquoise jewelry, then you know how striking it can be. You might also know that it can be a fabulous color to use on the walls of your home. While a radiant shade of turquoise might work in a living room, kitchen, or bathroom, soft turquoise would be perfect for a small child's room.

7. Cream

Although some might consider white to be a calming color, others might find it a little intense. It can also be risky to use anywhere that small hands might dirty. Cream, on the other hand, is a shade that's not quite as bright, but is still calming. It also won't show every last fingerprint and smudge.

8. Light smoky blue

While this shade of blue is in no way dark, it keeps things toned down with its slightly smoky tone. While it's a shade that will look lovely when the sunshine comes in, it will also create a relaxing ambiance when it's time to turn off the lights and close the curtains so your little one can sleep.

9. Hint of lilac

This shade is so light that it's barely there. There's a mere touch of a lilac shade in this paint. However, that's just enough to soften the color and give the room just a hint of a calming tone. Pull the shade out with décor that's a slightly darker version of the same lovely lilac color.

10. Light purply blue

If you can't decide between a pretty purple and a beautiful blue, then you might want something that combines the two. While you could opt for something that has more blue than purple or vice versa, just make sure to pick a color that's on the lighter side for a small child's room.

11. Baby blue

Whether your child is an infant or a toddler, baby blue can be a fantastic choice for their room. A sweet version of light blue, baby blue may be a little brighter than other shades like it; however, it can still create a calm atmosphere if paired with colors that are just as soft instead of vibrant options.

12. Pretty pale green

While light green is a softer version of the classic natural color, pale green instead removes all bright tones. This version — which almost leans toward an olive shade or forest green, although it is obviously significantly paler — can help to create a space for your small child that's peacefully playful in the daytime and wonderfully restful at night.

13. Blush of pink

In the same way that you can use a soft shade of lilac paint to add a hint of color to a serene space, you can also do the same with pink. Using a shade that only adds a blush of color will create a calming yet eye-catching room your child will surely love.

14. Touch of green

Go as light as you can when it comes to shades of gorgeous green by using a touch of the color in your small child's room. A subtle option that could fade into the background if that's what you prefer, it could also be brought to life with accents that are the same shade or slightly darker.

15. Pale sunshine

If you want your little one's room to be a cheerful place but don't want it to be too bright, then you might want to consider this lovely shade of pale yellow. Straying away from an option that might not suit the space, this softer choice can be the background for a room that's incredibly sweet.

16. Light mint green

Think of a delicious mint ice cream and you might envision a shade that's in the range of this light mint green. Both soft and cool, it's definitely calming while also being perfectly stylish. With the ability to pair it with bright whites or pops of pastel, both you and your small child will likely adore it.

17. Sandy pink

A touch warmer than a typical beige, this sandy pink shade might not be a color that you had considered but it's definitely one that could look incredible in your small child's room. Perfect for a beachy space or princess theme, it would also work with boho décor if that's what you'd prefer for your chic kiddo's room.

18. Light robin's egg blue

If you've ever found a robin's egg in your backyard or at the park, then you'll know the outside of the shell is an amazing shade of blue. While the original vibrant color would work well in a child's playroom, a lighter version of the same shade would be perfect for a little one's bedroom.

19. Rosy white

Take the bright sheen out of white by opting for a rosy version of the traditional shade for your small child's room. With a whisper of pink making the color a little softer, slightly more subtle, and perhaps just a bit sweeter than it would be otherwise, it may be the perfect choice for your little one's space.

20. Peachy cream

Another way to use a shade of peach in your small child's room without worrying about it being too bright is to choose a version of peach that has a creamy hint to it. While it might remind you of a delicious dessert — mmm, sorbet — it will also create a calm and stylish space for your little one.