Glass Dining Tables May Be Trendy, But They Are Bad Feng Shui

As a place to share meals and gather, dining tables play a huge role in developing and maintaining connections in a home which is why they need to have the right feng shui. Feng shui classifies glass as a "hard" material that can be tricky to work with to create a harmonious environment, which is why a dining table made of glass brings negative energy into the room.

While glass tables may look sleek and stylish to the eye, they can bring a nervous energy into your dining area that you definitely don't need. Glass in any room must be balanced with softer materials or should have a texture that covers up the clearness of regular glass. It should always be used sparingly and shouldn't be an overwhelming presence in a space. Because dining tables are such a core part of the room, consider other materials for your dining table that are better for feng shui.

Better alternatives

Instead of a hard material like glass, your dining table should be made of wood or stone. Wood is considered the best material according to feng shui because it is natural and contains a warm and welcoming vibe. It symbolizes growth and life, which is very fitting for an environment where you're eating and nurturing connections.

Stone has a grounding energy that is also good for a dining table. Even though it is a hard material, it adds the necessary earth element, which brings feelings of stability and security to the dining room. If you have to have glass in the dining room, bring in a mirror or two. Fix them high up on the wall in a spot where they can reflect the table, and mirrors will make the room feel more open. As mentioned, you need to balance out the presence of glass, so use a natural material like wood for the mirror frame.

Good dining room feng shui

The layout, colors, and shapes you choose for your dining room also matter for good feng shui. According to feng shui, dining rooms should be located in the south part of the house in a spot that receives ample natural light. They should be outside but near the kitchen and laid out in a square or rectangular pattern without broken or extra corners. Warm, soft colors are best for the dining room to facilitate and enhance feelings of connection.

While rectangular dining tables are very common, they are actually the worst type to have because they bring hostile, competitive vibes into the space. Opt for round tables or at least rounded edges instead to create a mood of equality and collaboration. Another tip to keep in mind is that your dining table should always have something on it. Some real fruit or fresh flowers will represent nourishment and life in the home.