How To Feng Shui Your Dining Room

Sometimes you might want to change your dining room a little bit. Convincing your family of why you should redecorate and reorganize it can be hard, but we are sure that if you mentioned to them how using feng shui can actually change your lives, they would be convinced. We already are!

What exactly is feng shui? According to Nourish Books, Paul Darby defined feng shui in his book "The Feng Shui Doctor" by explaining that chi energy flows through all things, and feng shui is a way to blend and channel it. To simplify feng shui's definition, Decoist described it as one way that you should think of if you want to create balance in your environment and make it more soft and calm.

Of course, feng shui perceives the importance of each room in a different way; it would see the importance of your kitchen in one way and of your dining room in a totally different way. Since we are more concerned here with using feng shui in your dining room, then you should know that this decorating art will help you with your relationships, especially familial ones. Cosmic Cuts advise you to use feng shui in your dining room since it plays an important part when it comes to your well-being. They also mention how creating positive chi there will make your connections with your family more successful and fill your life with wealth.

The art of picking your dining room table

We will give you some advice on what the tables work and which tables that don't when it comes to using feng shui. You would be surprised at how even the smallest of details can make a good or bad influence on your house's energy.

The Spruce suggests that you get a square table, saying that this table shape "is best" when it comes to having more stability and trying to avoid drama in your household relationships. We must mention that The Spruce forgot an important detail when it comes to the relationship between feng shui and square tables. EZ Living Furniture made it clear that it is better to avoid buying square tables since having a table with sharp edges easily disturbs the flow of chi, and that is like giving a free invitation to more stress and problems in your relationships. Now, no one would like that, right?

So why would you let such a small detail, like sharp edges, ruins the energy around you when you can avoid that by owning an oval or a round table? Love To Know recommends these table shapes since rounded edges let the chi energy flow more easily. If you already have a square table, you don't need to worry since EZ Living Furniture says that you can achieve a balance between the energy flow and the sharp edges by adding a round rug to your dining room.

Every table comes with chairs

There are several things to consider when it comes to picking the perfect chairs for your dining table while also following everything that feng shui has to offer to your dining room. We will tell you what to keep in mind the next time you are redecorating your dining room and purchasing new chairs.

One of the questions that you might have is "how many chairs should I buy?" Well, Houzz says that the best number of chairs is an even number. Feng shui recommends that you have four or six chairs. Houzz also recommends that you should not go overboard and leave many extra chairs around your table; that's not good. It's better if you put them away where you and your guests can't see them!

Another thing that we can agree with feng shui on is that the best type of chairs are the supportive ones. The Spruce also agrees, and they advise you to leave enough space between each chair and the table; so, if you see your family or guests struggling to sit or stand up, then you know that you need to reorganize the space. The last piece of advice is that your chairs should also be rounded like your tables. Why? EZ Living Furniture answers that by saying that when each part of your dining table is round, then you are guaranteed to never encounter any "energy blockages," as they described it.

General feng shui tips your dining room needs

Here are more feng shui tips because we can't get enough of it after everything we know about how it can positively affect and change your life and environment.

Houzz says that having plants close to your dining room will give you positive feng shui effects like enhancing your life. You can tell from the next piece of advice that nature and feng shui go well together since Houzz also recommends adding flowers to your dining table, but please don't use dried flowers. While to flower enthusiasts, dried flowers seem beautiful, they don't seem like that to feng shui practitioners as they represent and give feelings of decay.

Feng Shui Pundit recommends that when you arrange chairs around the dining table, you shouldn't put them in front of any doors or windows, ensuring every chair's back won't be facing these openings. If you did just that while organizing your dinner table, then anyone who sits there will feel insecure. Feng Shui Pundit's last advice is to try and make the distance between your dining room and your kitchen short so that they are close, and if you can make them on the same floor, then that would be amazing.