The Sneaky Way Pottery Barn Adds Puffiness To Their Showroom Duvets

If you've ever wandered the showroom at a home décor and furniture store, you've come across rows of perfectly styled beds. After a long day of shopping, you might imagine how nice it would feel to flop down for a nap on those fluffy duvets. That sudden desire to curl up on the display beds is exactly what retailers want you to feel — and they have a sneaky way of making their beds look extra enticing. A video shared by TikTok creator @builderbrigade revealed one of the biggest secrets Pottery Barn employees won't tell you: Pottery Barn and other retailers actually double up on their displays, stuffing two or more duvets inside one duvet cover. This common retailer hack gives the beds an extra soft and plush appearance, making customers want to bring the merchandise home immediately. 

But if you've ever fallen victim to this common retail trick, you've probably felt disappointed when your unpackaged product falls flat. Here's what you need to know about Pottery Barn's double duvet hack and how you can achieve a more reasonable showroom-style look in your own bedroom. 

Pottery Barn double duvet dares you

In their TikTok video, @builderbrigade walks through a Pottery Barn store and offers to let viewers in on a little secret. Sitting down on a showroom bed and grasping the duvet cover to emphasize its thickness, he explains, "You think when you buy a duvet that your bed is going to look like this. Well, [it's] not because each one of these has two duvets in one." The creator then cautions viewers, "So, when you go to buy that duvet, don't be fooled. Your bed's not going to look like this."

Some commenters on the video seemed shocked, while others — especially former retail workers — claimed that this trick was one of the oldest in the book. Stuffing two duvets into your duvet cover might look plush and luxurious, but many people had their doubts about the practicality of the idea and worried about getting too hot under multiple blankets. However, this hack could work well depending on your location and the changing seasons. One commenter on the video who actually tried the hack reassured another, "I am in northern Europe, so during half the year I love that this makes my bed perfectly cozy and warm. The other half I only use a single one."

How to get the showroom style

As demonstrated in the video, one obvious way to make your bed look more luxe is to add two lightweight and fluffy comforters inside your duvet cover. Simply flip the cover inside out or try the viral 'burrito method' and use clips to hold both duvet layers in place before flipping right-side out again. You can also size up the duvet insert instead of double layering. However, there are other easy design techniques you can use to elevate your look that are generally less expensive and less hot. 

A great place to start when upgrading your bedding is the sheets. Even though they can't be seen under your bedding, sheets are the foundation for a luxurious feel and a good night's sleep. Invest in a set of high thread count, breathable cotton sheets that fit your mattress and pillows perfectly, and learn how to tuck in 'hospital corners' for a streamlined look. Next, add an accent blanket across the foot of your bed or drape it neatly over the bottom corner. Toss on at least two layers of throw pillows, and if you're feeling extra fancy, add a bench or storage ottoman at the foot of your bed. Anyone who sees your stunning bed will instantly crave a nap!