Brooke Younger

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Tyler, Texas
Texas State University
Cleaning And Organization, Feng Shui And New-age Decorating, Sustainable Living
  • Brooke's home is filled with handmade wood furniture, carved and stained by her partner and hand-painted with her artwork.
  • While living in a studio apartment, she designed and built a custom "catio" so her furry companion could safely enjoy the balcony.
  • She loves to browse secondhand shops and find creative ways to give old furniture and décor new life.


Brooke is a freelance writer who writes for a variety of lifestyle publications, home publications, and private businesses. As a news writer for House Digest, Brooke covers a wide range of topics, including buzzworthy product reviews, DIY guides, "We Tried It" pieces, celebrity and expert interviews, and on-site reporting at events like Magnolia's 20th Silobration. Outside of the office, Brooke is in the process of converting raw land with a pond and warehouse into a budding homestead, giving her hands-on building experience and connecting her with her local homesteading community. Brooke loves to report on viral trends and find ways to make them sustainable, affordable, and renter-friendly. She offers a wealth of knowledge about repurposing, DIY projects, feng shui, organic gardening, pond care, and more. More than anything, Brooke loves the idea of using interior design to promote a healthy lifestyle and a happy planet.


Brooke graduated from Texas State University with a degree in English and has earned much acclaim for her award-winning writing.
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