The Vibrant Shade Of Blue Hilary Farr Says Will Never Go Out Of Style

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If you love the color blue, interior designer Hilary Farr knows the exact shade that will never go out of style. Known for her savvy design tips on HGTV's long-running home reality series, "Love It or List It," Farr believes one of the most vibrant shades of blue you can choose to decorate your home with is indigo blue. Deep and serene, indigo blue may be considered a balance between blue and violet while the rich color is actually the combination of blue and red tints. When integrated into an interior design, indigo blue often sets up a complementing tone. "It's timeless," Farr tells The Today Show, "and as a result it's an ongoing trend, it never gets old."

Tranquil as the ocean, indigo blue is a versatile color that may offer a sense of calm and focus throughout many spaces of your home. With class and sophistication, indigo blue might look great in a living room, office, or library. For a more casual, coastal vibe, incorporate the vivid hue within your kitchen, bedrooms, or bathrooms. With its harmonious character, the possibilities with indigo blue are boundless. "Everything works with this color," adds Farr. Reflective of the outdoor elements of water and sky, you can easily contrast it with light, neutral shades, including a variety of warm and other cool colors. From furniture and decor to paint and textiles, styling a space with indigo blue is always fashionable.

Indigo blue goes with most colors

Whether you want your home to have a fresh, beachy aura or exude a smart, upscale sensibility, designer Hilary Farr explains how indigo blue is a pleasing color that is always relevant. "It's so rich, it reminds you of the ocean and water and all those things that you love during the summer" (via "The Today Show"). Whether it's an accent, area, or runner, a rug is the perfect way to set the tone of a space. While Farr has a collection of various abstract and nature-inspired area rugs, you might choose something like the Flora Fantasies handmade blue indoor/outdoor rug. The hand-tufted covering combines indigo blue with green, orange, peach, and white while it draws attention to the floor.

Ultimately a cool color, indigo blue corresponds with both warm and cool elements, including gold, yellow, pink, orange, red, and green. Common neutral pairings might include gray, cream, tan, or brown. For a brilliant contrast, incorporate white as your backdrop or among your blue furniture and decor like the living area pictured above. Additionally, painting your walls or an accent wall an oceanic blue would also enhance a space against lighter elements. From dark to light, indigo blue offers a range of captivating hues all year long. Summertime allows warmer colors like yellow and orange among pillows, artwork, and fabrics. For fall and winter, you might try a forest green, charcoal gray, or silver and gold to pair with your indigo blue pieces.

Style indigo blue elements with anything

Implementing indigo blue within a layout is something that Hilary Farr says will never get old. "It's comforting, it works with every finish," she says (via "The Today Show"). Within your interior design, you may discover just how stylish the shadowy blue hue is when mixed with a variety of elements. Matching table lamps are superb pieces to attract attention to a space in a living room, dining room, or bedroom. You might check out this set of two Lite Source Pillan tranquil blue ceramic table lamps that feature identical cone-like bases with contrasting white lamp shades. Another staple that adds a pop of calming blue color are plush pillows or covers like Crate & Barrel's Indigo 20" washed organic cotton velvet covering, available to purchase alone or with down-alternative or feather inserts. 

Ceramics and glass pieces are also another option that Farr would encourage exploring in indigo blue. CB2 has a gorgeous azure round blue ceramic vase to showcase simple plant life or as a showpiece. Whether for serving or decoration, you might consider Zodax Monte Carlo small indigo alabaster glass bowls that come in a set of six. If you prefer cozy materials, window treatments and throws are also ways to integrate cool blue fabrics within your design like Hatch Stripe drapery panels in indigo. Artwork is another great way to emphasize the vibrance of indigo blue while displaying images upon neutral walls, while accompanied by wooden furniture or muted decor.