The 3 Home Projects Hilary Farr Says You Should Leave To The Professionals

Are you the type of person who loves to roll up their sleeves and get to work? Perhaps you're not afraid to get messy and learn something new, especially with YouTube by your side. Yet, there are some home projects best left to those who have the training and specific education in that area. While you may be able to paint and even do some drywall, other projects may need a professional. Expert designer and "Love It or List It" co-host Hilary Farr shares that there are three specific home projects you should avoid taking on yourself: infrastructure, wallpapering, and installing wood floors.

"The elements of infrastructure in a home, such as electrical, plumbing, structure ... those are areas you should not even attempt on your own," Farr said, via HuffPost. There's certainly reason for that, considering those who work in these areas tend to be fully trained and licensed to provide those services at a professional level.

She goes on to note that, in terms of interior decorating, there are a few projects the pros should do as well. That includes wallpapering and installing wood floors. If you're attempting any of these projects, it's certainly worth it to get a professional in to get a quote as a first step. Then, once you know the extensiveness of the project, it's a great idea to analyze your skills, experience, and budget to ensure you're ready for big home projects like any of these. Most often, a professional is the better option.

Why you need a professional for infrastructure projects

You can certainly learn to tackle some plumbing, electrical, and infrastructure projects on your own. For example, changing out a toilet valve or patching drywall are tasks that, with some instruction, you may be able to manage. Yet, as HGTV's Hilary Farr advised, bigger home projects, especially those that involve the infrastructural stability and safety of your home, are best to leave alone.

A mistake with electrical wiring, for example, carries the risk of shocking yourself. At the same time, you could make a slight mistake in the connections, leading to a higher risk of fire breaking out behind drywall. Faulty wiring is a common cause of home fires, after all. A professional is less likely to make mistakes like this simply because of their experience.

Hiring a plumber, meanwhile, also makes sense for many tasks, from finding the source of a leak in your basement ceiling to unclogging drains without damaging the plumbing lines. A plumber can find the source of the problem and fix it while also resolving the underlying cause, preventing further concerns, and offering a guarantee on the work they do.

Further, utilizing the help of a contractor to handle the teardown or building walls, making repairs to the foundation, or tackling roof issues minimizes the risk of structural problems, including weak beams or unstable conditions that put your home at risk. They also can offer more modernized solutions and industry best practices.

Hiring a pro for wallpaper and wood flooring

Most of the time, interior design and decorating home projects are those you can take yourself on because they carry less overall risk or safety concerns. Yet, Hilary Farr warns off certain projects. "In terms of decorating, I would say think carefully before you attempt to put wallpaper up on your own. It's quite difficult to do it very well," she said (via HuffPost), adding, "It can be messy, and wallpaper can be expensive. And you won't be happy when it doesn't turn out right."

Further, as Farr also shared with the outlet, such missteps could lead you to having to start all over again and ultimately turning to a pro for the work. Perhaps starting with a small section, trying it out on a smaller scale, could be a step toward doing it yourself. Otherwise, just turn to a professional from the start to avoid common wallpapering mistakes.

Farr also warns about flooring home projects; specifically, installing wood floors. For structural integrity, you certainly want to turn to a contractor to place a foundation, but why can't you install wood floors yourself? According to Farr, it's because it isn't as easy as we may think. "People think, 'it can't be that difficult' when it actually is. I would definitely hire a professional for that one [home project], too," she said.

This, however, ultimately depends on the type of flooring. There are some manufacturers who now make do-it-yourselfer-style flooring products that snap together, but for true hardwoods, it's best to let the pros do the work to ensure the best-finished results.