Brenda Letellier

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Eckerd College
House, Lifestyle, Home Organization
  • As a homeowner and mother, Brenda experiences home-related topics first-hand and loves to write about them.
  • Most recently, Brenda contributed to a blog writing about various home organization topics.
  • Brenda currently contributes to her personal blog "In Florida," which covers a variety of topics related to life and home in Florida.


With nearly 30 years of professional writing experience, Brenda is a very creative person. Her interests are unlimited, especially when it comes to the house and home life. She attained a B.A. in creative writing from Eckerd College and has written in the fields of the arts, literature, theater, poetry, marketing, journalism, and various social media platforms.


Beginning as a theater major at Michigan State University, Brenda's journey changed its course to discovering Florida. She attained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Eckerd College PEL Program in 2005. With a focus on poetry, she studied various genres of writing and the arts throughout her college career, including screenwriting, songwriting, fiction, feature and travel writing, and poetry.
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