Your Hangers Will Work Better Than Ever With A Hot Glue Hack

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Are you constantly picking up hanging garments off of the floor of your closet? There is nothing more annoying than clothes slipping off their hanger. If you're having this problem, there's a simple hack you can follow to prevent it from ever happening again. All you need are the hangers you already own, whether they be made out of plastic, wire, or wood, and some hot glue. Applying a bit of hot glue is a quick fix that solves your frustration and prevents you from spending a ton of money on replacing all the hangers in your closet.

Following this hot glue hack is a better option than purchasing velvet hangers because the fabric that makes them notable also causes their flaws. Velvet hangers work by creating friction, which keeps the fabric from falling off. However, if you prefer to hang your clothes while they're still slightly damp, the dye from the fabric could transfer onto them. Then, though your clothing may dry without wrinkles, the shoulders could also become discolored. Meanwhile, hot glue is able to keep your clothes in place because it remains tacky after it dries. Warm up your hot glue gun, and you can stop your garments from falling onto the floor ever again.

Make any hanger non-slip with some hot glue

Following the hot glue hack is very easy. The most tedious part is standing in your closet and removing every piece of clothing off of your hangers. Once all the garments are set aside, it's time to start the hack. Plug in your hot glue gun and give it a few minutes to warm up. Depending upon how extensive your clothing collection is, you may want to keep additional glue sticks on hand as you use them up. That way, you don't have to run to the store in the middle of your project.

Holding one hanger at a time, draw a wavy line with the hot glue gun on the top of your hanger. This line should reach from the bottom tip to the halfway mark of the arms of your hanger. Repeat it on both sides, then hang it back up in the closet to cool down. Hot glue often leaves thin stringy pieces of glue, but you can trim these off with a pair of scissors once everything has set. Continue this process until every hanger has a zig-zag line on both shoulders. Then, once the glue has completely dried, you can begin the long process of rehanging all of your clothes in the closet.

Try dots instead of zig-zags

There is more than one way to make this hack work successfully. Another option is to be more conservative with the amount of hot glue you use. That way, you can reduce the amount of glue sticks you need to buy when updating your entire closet. Instead of drawing a wavy line down the arms of your hangers, you can place several small dots. Some people prefer this method because it looks more aesthetic than the zig-zags. If you're not careful, your wavy line could turn out messy.

While this hack works on plastic, wire, and wood hangers, you may find that the hot glue starts peeling off after it dries. This may happen because hot glue adheres better to a porous surface. If you experience this problem, simply use some sandpaper to rough up the ends of your hangers, then wipe away the dust before replacing the hot glue that came off. Another issue you may need to troubleshoot is how long you need to wait for the glue to dry before putting your clothes back onto the hangers. After about 10 minutes, the glue should dry. However, some recommend waiting up to 12 hours to ensure that it's completely set. By then, the hot glue should have cooled down and hardened in place while remaining sticky and rubbery enough to keep your clothes on the hanger.