Why You Should Stop Using Wire Clothes Hangers Immediately

Most of us don't think twice about the type of clothes hangers in our bedroom closet. However, the type you use may be more important to maintaining the quality of your clothes than you think; using the wrong kind of hanger can cause clothes to lose their shape, as noted by Cosmopolitan. Certain hangers can also cause organizing your closet to be a hassle, as some allow clothes to easily slip off.

Clothes hangers come in a variety of materials; there are wooden, plastic, velvet, and wire hangers. While all types have their own sets of pros and cons, wire hangers are most likely the worst option for your clothes. Many recommend switching out wire hangers for something that will take better care of your clothes. If you want to protect your clothes from damage, or if you just want to give your closet a makeover, consider changing out your wire hangers for something more durable and aesthetic.

How wire hangers can damage clothes

Of all the types of clothes hangers out there, wire hangers are probably the worst option. There are a few reasons why this is the case. First, wire hangers are not durable, and can easily be bent out of shape. Because of this, they are not ideal for maintaining the shape of your clothes, per Organized Interiors. Second, wire hangers can rust, which could get on your clothes. Removing rust from clothes is difficult and sometimes impossible, per Arthur Cope and Cleaners. But wire hangers are also inconvenient because clothes can easily slip off of them. This can make organizing your closet more difficult than it needs to be. It could also cause you to misplace clothing pieces more often, as they could get lost if not hung correctly.

So, why are people still using wire hangers? Well, wire hangers are cheap and easily accessible. In fact, the dry cleaner gives them away for free. They're also thin, so they take up less space in the closet. But that's where the benefits end; the other hanger options have far more benefits.

Other clothes hanger options

Instead of wire hangers, some people choose plastic instead. Like wire, plastic hangers are cheap and readily accessible. They also come in a number of colors. They won't bend, so your clothes will maintain their shape. And they won't rust, so there's no reason to worry about that. However, plastic hangers aren't sustainable, and they can easily break. While they're cheap, they're not durable, and they won't last a long time. Clothes can also easily fall off plastic hangers.

Another option is velvet hangers. The pros of velvet hangers begin with their looks; they come in a variety of colors and look more luxurious than plastic. Another benefit is that clothes won't slip off. Even the silkiest materials will stay put, per Neatex. However, velvet hangers also come with some cons. The first is that, because the material doesn't allow fabric to glide over it, hanging clothes may be difficult. You may accidentally stretch a collar when extending a shirt over a velvet hanger, for example. Another con is that dyed velvet hangers may stain wet clothes.

Many agree that the best option is wooden clothes hangers. Wooden hangers will maintain the shape of clothes, per Butler Luxury. Additionally, they're aesthetic and will elevate your closet's appearance. They're super durable as well, and, of course, they'll never rust. The only con is that they are more expensive than other options –- but the price may be worth it for well maintained clothes.