The Unexpected Bathroom Item That Makes For Great Cooking Pan Storage

Anyone who has ever tried to store cooking pans and cutting boards can relate to the painstaking experience of figuring out the best way to organize them. It is a universal struggle that doesn't discriminate based on culinary skills or kitchen size. No matter how carefully you try to line them up, it often results in frustrating clatters and spills — and not to mention buried pans that end up never getting used. However, a clever DIY hack can solve all these problems by using a shower caddy to elevate your kitchen organization game.

You may be skeptical at first, thinking, "A shower caddy? Really?" But believe it or not, this seemingly mundane bathroom item can actually work wonders for organizing your kitchen pans, lids, and cutting boards. With just two affordable hanging caddy racks you can effortlessly create your own DIY storage. It's a simple yet ingenious solution to help declutter your kitchen and keep your items easily accessible.

DIY shower caddy storage solution

To create this DIY storage solution for your kitchen, all you need are two wire caddy racks (the type that hang over a shower head) and a couple of zip ties. Start by interlocking the two caddies, ensuring that the tops face inward. Then, securely fasten each side together using clear zip ties. Once done, lay the rack flat inside a kitchen cabinet, allowing you to slide your pans in and out effortlessly. By following this straightforward approach, you can achieve a tidy and organized storage system for all your kitchen essentials. 

While the DIY caddy rack may not hold some of the larger pots, it offers ample space to neatly align cooking pans, small pots, lids, and cutting boards. Forget about complicated installations or investing in expensive storage systems — this DIY solution requires just a few steps to create a functional rack that keeps everything accessible. Say goodbye to rummaging through cluttered cabinets and enjoy the convenience of having your pans and cutting boards readily available for any culinary adventure.