How To Use A Shower Caddy To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Organization in the kitchen provides a convenient workspace that we can utilize more efficiently during a meal prep. One way to keep ingredients or tools within close reach is to use a hanging shower caddy or a caddy with shelves that fit in a corner, anchored into a space by a tension rod. Hand-held caddies also come in handy for storage and keeping things out of the way, considering their compact sizes that can fit in a small space.

The hanging caddies may come to mind first since you can mount them to a nearby wall or the side of a cabinet with a hook that has an adhesive. Or you can use a more permanent, yet decorative hook that requires a hole drilled into the wall if your caddy needs some extra support for heavier items.

As for the shower caddies that can be held in place by a tension rod, you can possibly fit one into the small corner on your counter by removing part of the rod and placing the bottom on a stack of coasters to keep it from scratching the countertop. From there, you'll adjust the height to where the caddy is firmly wedged between the ceiling and counter. Your container of dishwashing liquid, sponges, and scrub brushes can go on the shelves with a washcloth or dish towel hanging from the bottom shelf. As another idea, you can also use this object for placing small potted plants close to a kitchen window.

Organize your cooking necessities

Are you looking for an out-of-way spot to place your spatulas and spoons? Try hanging a caddy on the wall closest to the counter where you most often do your food prep. The caddy's bottom rack would make a great spot for hanging a dish towel. Also, you can store your favorite salt and pepper shakers on the shelves and hang your measuring cups and spoons from the bottom. If you'd like to create a spice rack, try doubling up on the same style of caddies which gives more storage for all your seasonings. On a similar note, if you have small bottles of various cooking oils and balsamic vinegars, those can go on a shower caddy as a decorative arrangement and as a practical place to keep them.

Additionally, you can place any produce that doesn't have to be refrigerated in a shower caddy with sizable racks or shelves. Consequently, your fruits or vegetables won't take up counter space and can easily be found when you're trying to cook a fast meal. Also, if the caddy is located near the sink, then you can easily reach for what bell pepper to rinse off.

On the other hand, you can store ingredients on a hanging caddy inside your cabinet. You'll need a small over-the-door hanger to mount the caddy on so that when you open the door, you can quickly find whatever items you choose for that spot. Plus, you're saving room on your cabinet shelves.

Get your pantry in order

You can mount hanging caddies on your pantry door to place smaller items that would otherwise be stored in a bulkier package that takes up a lot of shelf space. For instance, if you buy instant drink mixes in bulk, you can tuck the packets upright into the caddy's shelves. Or you can sort a variety of seasoning packets in the caddy facing outwards so that you can easily tell which is which by just simply thumbing through the mixes.

Yet another idea for freeing up shelf space is to use a tension rod caddy in the corner for tall, narrow packages or for rectangular storage containers. The rounded shelves also provide visibility of front labels and easy access to what you need. For this reason, you might consider placing one of these caddies in each corner.

The hand-held shower caddies also offer a time-saver when it's snack time for the kids. Since these containers have three or four compartments, you can divide up an assortment of individually packaged items that can be situated in the caddy. As an illustration, you can place a juice box or a bottle of water in one compartment and some fun-shaped crackers, nuts, and/or fruit snacks in the other compartments. Then, your children can open the pantry and find their individual caddies full of their favorite non-perishable treats.