Macy Sears

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San Diego, CA
University Of Illinois At Chicago
Home Decor & Minimalist Lifestyle, Cleaning & Organization Hacks, Modern Interior Design Trends
  • Macy has collaborated with color consultants and industry experts to publish in-depth articles on the psychology of color, pattern and texture, and space optimization.
  • She has worked on bespoke content ranging from high-end renovations to budget do-it-yourself home projects for various publications.
  • Exemplifying her minimalism, Macy once traveled around the United States with nothing but her laptop and a single carry-on suitcase.


Macy is an experienced freelance writer specializing in lifestyle and home design. She has written for several independent brands and online magazines, including Next Luxury and Masonry Magazine. Her fascination with interiors was inspired by her extensive travels, allowing her to explore the many types of design. Macy has lived in five major cities in the U.S., Chicago, Las Vegas, Nashville, Miami, and San Diego, always on a quest to find the perfect abode. When she's not writing, she enjoys showing off her creativity through home remodeling and organization projects.


Macy obtained a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago.
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