The Beachy Wood Flooring Trend That'll Take Over In 2024

The beachy wood flooring trend has gained momentum over the last couple of years, and it's predicted to be a force to be reckoned with in 2024. The coastal vibe of the flooring is obtained through whitewashing or bleaching. If you're preparing for a home renovation project that includes flooring, you'll want to consider these looks. While some people like the completely white removal of color you get with bleached floors, others prefer the white stain that still allows some of the brown grain to show through, as with whitewashing.

No matter which look is your cup of tea, the overall results can be stunning. For a casual-chic, boho-vogue, getaway-house-on-the-beach feel, try one of these techniques on your hardwood floors. Bleaching involves applying a chemical solution that removes the color from the wood's surface, while whitewashing consists of applying a white stain that makes the wood look ashy while still showing some brown coming through. This trend is seen in classic and provence-style homes that feature both eclectic and minimalist designs

The ins and outs of bleaching wood floors

If your home's hardwood floors suffer from past transgressions and water stains, you might be thinking about bleaching them. This can be a viable solution for discoloration and staining to give your existing floors a renewed look and to easily brighten a dark room. Or, perhaps you have some major patchy areas from sun discoloration or where furniture has been. Keep in mind that some exotic woods are not suitable for bleaching — mahogany and Brazilian cherry to name a couple – but ash, gum, beech, and red oak are all well-suited.

The process for bleaching wood floors is fairly simple. First, sand the surface of the wood or use a chemical stripping agent. Two-part bleach kits give the most extreme results, though you can also use oxalic acid to clean and disinfect the wood. Once this is finished, you can achieve a coastal look with a lime wash. If you achieve the color you desire after bleaching, simply apply a clear coat of polish on top.

All about whitewashing wood floors

Whitewashing wood floors, on the other hand, is similar to painting them with a white stain or a tinted sealer. It still allows the wood grain to show through, lightening the color. Light-color woods, such as ash or maple, are best for this method. Scandinavian or Nordic-style homes with minimalist designs are ideal for whitewashing techniques. Additionally, it works for the beach boho-style interior. Using this technique not only helps hide any imperfections or discoloration in the wood, but it also helps to open up the space, so it appears larger.

If you do decide to whitewash your wood floors, though, it's a fairly simple DIY process. However, it's not advised for rooms with a lot of foot traffic because they are difficult to keep clean. Unfortunately, whitewashed floors require constant upkeep, as any marks will not be easily hidden, making them best-suited for guest rooms or places used less often. 

The key takeaway: Whatever you decide for your next upgrade, the beach look is in!