5 Tips To Help Prep Your Home For A Renovation

Deciding to renovate your home is a significant investment of time and money. Not to mention all the horror stories you read about on the internet regarding projects gone terribly wrong. However, there are a lot of ways to avoid these disasters, and one of the most important things is doing your research to find the perfect contractor for your project (via Bauscher Construction).

It's important to find someone you can work with to get what you want, so conduct interviews and get to know them; your gut can tell you a lot about a person and if you just aren't getting along, find someone else. You'll also want to find a contractor who has done the type of project you're looking to do. This way, you'll know they have experience with it, and you won't be their test run. Lastly, the cheaper option isn't always the best way to go.

So, to avoid those horror stories yourself and enjoy the remodeling process, here are five tips to prepare your home (and yourself) for a renovation.

Roll with the disruptions

Understanding that there is no way to avoid some level of chaos while remodeling your home will set you up for success. Those home transformation shows on TV are fun to watch and fantastic for gathering inspiration. Still, they are not so great at showcasing the reality of living at home during a remodel. It's going to disrupt your routine, and it's going to be messy, note the experts at Legal Eagle Contractors. Talk to your team about their process and methods to keep the mess and dust to a minimum. Do they have a process and a standard for cleaning up at the end of the day? How will they leave the site over the weekend? These questions will help you understand what to expect and how to prepare and live your life throughout the renovation.

Maybe take this time as an opportunity to start something new. You'll likely be using different rooms of the house in ways you've never used them before. Can the disruption of your routine finally allow you to do something that gets you out of the house in the morning or to try that coffee shop you keep driving past? Although it will be a pain to live amongst a construction site, trying your best to make it fun will payoff in stress relief.

Try to plan for everything

Of course, it isn't exactly possible to plan for everything. There are always disruptions that pop up in life that you couldn't possibly prepare for, but that doesn't mean you can't try to plan for the things you know are going to happen, suggests Life Storage Blog. For example, if you're remodeling your kitchen, you'll likely need to figure out other ways to prepare meals and eat, which can be done by setting up a temporary kitchen in another room of the home. Or, maybe you'll need to eat out more often. Again, make this fun and try out those places you keep meaning to go to, make plans with friends you haven't seen in a while, or try out some exciting microwave meals. It will be a disruptive time in your life, but mentally and physically preparing for that in advance can mean there's still room for enjoyment.

Another way that planning will come in handy is by scheduling family events around the remodel. For example, if you often host for the holidays or someone's birthday is coming up, be sure to have alternate plans in action so those events don't get lost in the upheaval of remodeling.

Seize the opportunity to clean and declutter

During a remodel, you'll have to clear the space of all the items within it. But before you start packing everything up, HGTV advises that this can be an excellent opportunity to purge and cleanse your home of everything you no longer use. Take the time to sort and organize cabinets and drawers more thoroughly than you probably ever have. Yes, it's a pain to dump out your life like the contents of a messy bag, but once the space is finished and brand new, you'll be glad you don't have a bunch of stuff from the old space cluttering things up.

While going through your things, you might wonder what to do with the stuff you're getting rid of. There are plenty of ways to do so without tossing it all in the trash. For things that could have a second life, you can donate them to local thrift stores or charities. Alternatively, you could sell them at a garage sale or online marketplace. Don't forget that many items can also be recycled.

Store your items away

Now that all the items you no longer need have filled your wallet with extra cash or gone to new homes, you can start to pack. The renovation team needs everything out of the space to do their jobs without worrying about damaging your personal belongings in the process. However, if you don't have the freedom to store these boxes in another room of your home, you might be wondering where to put them. If you have a garage, that's a great place to start. It keeps them within reach in case you end up needing something, but you will have to park your car outside for a while.

Another option is renting a portable storage container, says Legal Eagles Contractors. Prices can range between $450 all the way up to $7,600 (via Move Buddha). Although these can become expensive, they tend to be a favorite among those who remodel large sections of their home. Portable storage containers can be delivered to your home and locked once everything is in there. The best part is all your stuff will be right there once the project is done. Remember that these do not offer temperature-controlled environments, so an off-site storage unit that provides those features might be the best for you if that's a concern.

Keep your pets safe

Pets are curious by nature and are bound to be intrigued by the new sounds, smells, and people that a home renovation will introduce. Construction sites are no place for pets, though! They should be kept away from the areas not only for the safety of the pets but also for the safety of the construction team that will be in your home. With everything going on, your pets might not act like themselves, and while they are typically friendly, they might get protective or scared if they feel their home is being threatened; VCA Hospitals explains that this can lead to aggressive behaviors from growling and lunging to potentially biting.

Furthermore, construction zones can be filled with nails, holes, electrical wires, paint, drywall mud, and other toxic things your pets should not come in contact with. Keep them away and out of these spaces by keeping them in different rooms or using gates.

No matter what, a renovation project is likely cause your pet some amount of stress. And, just like many of us, they like routine. More walks, more time spent snuggling, or new toys to keep them occupied and comforted are sure to help. Legal Eagle Contractors adds that you may want to consider boarding them at the kennel or having them spend time at a friend's house.