The Best Ways To Bring More Birds To Your Yard During Fall

During the autumn season, birds begin migrating south. This makes fall an exciting time for bird watching, as you may be able to see more species than you normally would throughout the rest of the year. If you're hoping to attract birds to your garden that are passing through, you'll need to make sure there's access to food, water, shelter, and coverage. Providing all of this will make your yard a haven that birds just can't resist stopping by.

Having the right kinds of food is an important factor. As the temperatures drop, birds will need more protein and fat to sustain themselves as they make their way to warmer areas. Suet, peanuts, thistle seeds, sunflower seeds, and cracked corn are all nutrient-dense options that will help them get enough energy. Since different species will be in your area, placing various types of feeders with different foods will bring a larger variety of birds to your yard. Tube and hopper-style feeders are great to use during the fall, as they help to keep rain and snow from ruining the food. Additionally, while it may seem like hummingbirds have already left, more will likely be migrating through your area. Therefore, keeping nectar and fruit feeders available will help these birds as flowers begin to disappear. Some feathered friends prefer to forage for food on the ground, so you could also try sprinkling some seed beneath your feeders.

Keep birdbaths clean and fresh

The start of fall is a good time to thoroughly clean your birdbaths and feeders to prevent diseases from spreading. Having a place to stop for a drink and clean their feathers is vital for birds, and keeping your birdbath functional will attract all sorts of feathered friends to your yard. Regularly changing the water in your birdbath will ensure that it stays clean and doesn't get crowded with debris such as fallen leaves. If you don't have a traditional birdbath but want to offer water to passing birds, you could leave out small bowls or use a clean garbage can lid as a makeshift watering hole.

Water can be difficult for these animals to find when the weather gets colder during the fall and available water begins to freeze. Adding a heater to your birdbath will help it maintain a temperature above freezing and give the birds a safe place to freshen up during the cool autumn months. You could also add a bubbler to provide running water, which could help attract migrating birds flying by. They'll hear the noise and be enticed to stop for a drink or bath.

Give birds shelter and coverage

Planting native berry bushes and evergreens in your yard will give birds shelter from bad weather and predators as well as an additional source of food. Another great way to attract birds to your yard in the fall is by avoiding cleaning up dead flowers from your garden or piles of brush and fallen leaves. For birds that search for food on the ground, dead flowers can provide seeds, while bugs will hide in leaf piles. Leaving these dead plants on your property will give these birds both cover and food during the cold weather.

Roosting boxes are another easy way to provide shelter for birds, whether they're passing through or staying for the winter. Attaching roosting boxes to trees or poles will give them a place to stay warm and dry. While nesting boxes are used by birds as a safe place to lay eggs, roosting boxes are constructed with perches on the inside for birds to rest. These boxes are typically sealed except for an entrance near the bottom. This structure helps the roosting box contain more heat and keep the birds warmer when the weather is frigid.