How To Attract Birds To Your Garden

A garden never feels complete if it doesn't welcome friendly creatures such as ladybugs, bees, and butterflies. There are animals who protect your garden from pests that seek to destroy all of your hard work, and it may be a good idea to create an inviting space for them. A lovely and melodic creature that can improve the quality of your garden is a bird, according to The Spruce. Birds bring many positives to your garden, such as eating unwelcomed mosquitoes, rats, and snakes. Birds that consume nectar are excellent pollinators, and weeds will be a thing of the past because they are part of their daily diet.

PreparednessMama says attracting birds to your garden can help stimulate better mental health. Watching them interact with your lawn while singing their tunes can make you feel more relaxed, especially when knowing that your garden is cared for. There are a couple of ways to attract these delicate creatures, so let's look at a few options that may work for you.

Create the proper environment

According to The National Wildlife Federation, if birds have constant access to water, they are more likely to swing by. It's best to set a bird bath 10 feet away from shrubs so that it's out in the open — a safe distance from predators. In the summer, change the water every two days, and a heater should be attached in the winter to ensure it doesn't melt.

Installing nesting boxes is also a good idea for providing safe shelter. A proper nesting box will have holes at the top for air to flow through and even more at the bottom to drain water. Once installed, be on the lookout for other competitive species that may want to kick the birds out and hijack their food. Insects are part of a bird's diet, so be sure to hold back from using insecticides. It may be challenging or downright impossible to attract any birds without insects in your garden.

Yard and garden necessities

The National Wildlife Federation says it's essential to consider various native plants for your garden. Creating an environment that replicates their ecosystem will attract them and provide the berries and seeds they need yearlong. When doing this, it's also important to remove invasive plants as they tend to take over and don't leave room for other plants to thrive.

If you have snags, make sure you don't remove them. Birds use dead trees to create a cute home to relax, eat insects, and take shelter during extreme weather. Another way to make birds comfortable is by leaving a brush pile in the corner of your yard. A brush pile comprises logs and small branches, and that's where birds tend to either sleep or nest. Lastly, install a bird feeder nearby to make them love your garden even more. They'll know they can rely on the food you so generously provide if it's ever scarce.