Turn Your Odd Nook Into A Comfy Escape With Inspiration From Erin Napier

We've yet to meet anyone who didn't appreciate a comfy nook, and for good reason. Nooks are exceptional built-ins that any home can enjoy and save space with, especially if they have extra storage drawers on the bottom. By being built into the house, nooks provide a comfortable space that doesn't absorb extra floor space or area in the room. If you follow HGTV's Erin Napier, then you likely know she takes the cozy aspect of her home's twin bed nook to the next level with a simple feature: a wall sconce.

Wall sconces provide ambient lighting that warms a space and builds a comfortable atmosphere. We love how simple this feature is and the way it elevates the space for a luxury appeal that anyone can replicate in their own home. On top of the sconce lighting, Napier's nook includes storage drawers on the bottom for another space-saving component, but more importantly, we're obsessed with the extra design from the shiplap planks.

Boost the coziness in your nook

Want to build a reading nook design in your own home? The process is quite simple. If you don't already have a built-in nook in your home, adding one can be done with a bookcase. Find a bookcase with shelving units on both sides and the middle shelving units that you can turn into a bench seat. For homes with an existing nook, consider adding another design element with shiplap planks, as Napier did before adding sconce lighting.

The ambiance of the sconce light mixed with the texture of the shiplap planks creates a warming environment that's dreamy for any nook. Since the nook isn't built-in near windows, the sconce lighting provides the space with the necessary visibility for it to be functional all hours of the day. We love how Napier transformed the space into a bed with a mattress, so the nook has several uses to conserve space in the bedroom.