Ashlyn Needham

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Winston Salem, NC
Appalachian State University
Home Decor, Interior Design, Renovation Projects
  • Ashlyn loves daydreaming of ways to redesign homes to add personality and charm to every room.
  • She is constantly browsing Pinterest, HGTV, or magazines for new decor inspiration.
  • Her home only sees faux plants since they have the best chance of living a full, happy life.


Ashlyn is a professional writer with six years of experience covering home-related content for top brands such as House Digest, Family Handyman, The Spruce, Wayfair, and more. She started as a freelance writer in college where she wrote pet blogs before finding her passion for writing all things home. She is currently in the process of starting her own blog, which is a lifelong dream she's been dying to fill. Ashlyn joined the House Digest team in 2023 where she writes about her home decor and renovation passions.


Ashlyn earned a bachelor's degree in English from Appalachian State University, where she studied to become a teacher before pursuing her lifelong passion for writing.
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