How To Create A Cozy Reading Nook In Your Home

Everyone needs a place in this hectic world to escape the stressors of everyday life. If you are a book lover, a reading nook might just be the perfect soft place to land at the end of the day. Whether you prefer to flip your pages, download them, or just sit back and listen to a good audiobook, you need a spot with comfy seating, cozy lighting, and all the necessary elements to help you relax in your nest.

There are many mental and physical benefits of reading. Healthline states it strengthens your brain and helps you feel less stressed. In a 2009 study, researchers discovered that reading for just 30 minutes lowered blood pressure and increased overall feelings of wellness. Reading a print book before bed can help you fall asleep, but avoid e-readers because the blue light emitted from them can actually reduce your ability to slide into slumber. Since reading alone has all these benefits, imagine how much more relaxed you will feel with your own dedicated, cozy reading nook.

Choose the right spot

As you examine your home for the perfect reading nook, look for spaces that are rarely used and are away from noisy spaces or a lot of foot traffic. You may have a corner of the family room that looks nice, but if your kids could come in anytime to play video games, it would not be very relaxing. Likewise, if you have an under-used space in the kitchen right by the constantly revolving back door, you probably won't be happy with your nook.

Look for spots in your home away from the main areas of entertainment and activity. If you have room in your bedroom, this is the perfect place for a reading nook. Space Wise suggests designing your special space in an area of your home as far away from distractions as possible. The corner of an office, a spare bedroom, a sunroom, or the master bedroom are all excellent options for a cozy reading nook.

Select the right seating and lighting

The most important part of your reading nook is your seating, according to Forbes. You certainly do not want to spend time and money on a space only to discover that sitting for more than 10 minutes makes your back hurt or your feet fall asleep. As you shop for the right chair for your reading nook, you will need to consider how much space you have and how you like to relax. A compact recliner might be perfect if you are limited on space but like to put your feet up. If you have plenty of room, a large armchair with a matching ottoman is certainly a comfy option. For a unique touch in a small space, a hanging chair with pillows and room to curl your legs might offer the perfect getaway.

Perhaps the second most important element in your reading nook is lighting. You will not be able to read for very long if you get a headache from eyestrain. The kind of light that is right for you is based on personal preference, states Lumen Now. Some like bright, crisp white, while others prefer warmer tones. Using an adjustable light in the space would allow you to use lower light when reading eBooks or brighten the space for print books.

Bring in cozy elements

With your foundation pieces selected, it is time to cozy up the space with textiles. A rug will help set your reading nook apart from the rest of the room, and selecting a high-pile option will add an extra element of softness and texture. Havenly suggests adding a few throw pillows to your chair, so you can arrange them for extra support as you adjust the way you sit. Of course, no reading nook would be complete without a comfy blanket. A thick woven blanket offers a luxurious feel, but if you need a little extra support for stress or anxiety, consider adding a weighted blanket to the space.

As you add your cozy elements to the space, think about other details that will increase your comfort level. Is your quiet space a little too quiet? A white noise machine or an app on your mobile device can help drown out background noise. Do you want to curl up with a blanket even when it's warm? Add a fan to your reading nook. Consider how to calm all your senses for the ultimate relaxation space.

Get organized

Even a reading nook with all the right elements can be stressful if it is disorganized. Ray Access states a cluttered space makes your senses feel overloaded, and that is the exact opposite of how you want to feel in a cozy reading nook. So, as they say, "A place for everything and everything in its place." Since this spot has a very specific function, keep everything unrelated to reading out of your nook. This is no place for bills, laundry, or your to-do list.

Place a small table beside your chair, so you have a place to sit your tea, snacks, the current book or books you are reading, and your phone (if you must — on vibrate, of course). Since your comfort needs may change from day to day, a basket for extra blankets and pillows will keep them handy but out of the way. You probably will not have room for all the books you own in your reading nook — that would be a library! — but a small hanging shelf for the books you plan to read soon will keep them organized and ready to grab when you reach that last page and are ready to start the next.

Adjust as needed

As the seasons change, so will your reading nook. While you may enjoy a big furry blanket in the cold winter months, you may want something lighter as spring comes around. The same is true for lighting. If your nook is near a window, you may be able to read with only natural light until late evening, but the short days of winter will require more lamp light. Adjust the elements of your nook to meet your needs as they change.

While this reading nook should be uniquely yours, there is something extra special about spending time reading with your loved ones. If you have children, invite them to bring their books to curl up for quality time together before bed. The Children's Bureau states reading to your children helps create a love of reading that can last a lifetime. Toss some pillows and blankets on the floor to make room for your spouse as you share a book, or just invite the whole family for a comfy reading cuddle session. While your reading nook is your cozy space, it will likely feel special to your family as well.