Why You Should Put A Few Scoops Of Coffee Grounds In Your Bathroom

There's no nice way to say it — bathrooms can get a bit, well, stinky. Clogged sink drains, toilets, and damp towels can all make for a smelly environment. And while there are plenty of air fresheners and odor-eliminating solutions on the market, most have distinct disadvantages. Candles are a go-to, but if you have little ones or want a solution that can work for several hours unattended, the open flame is a big no. Scented sprays can seem as though they are eliminating odors, but often, they just mask it, and then you're left with a less-than-pleasant fragrance combination. And to boot, these are all pricey options. All you really need to get rid of those undesirable odors in the bathroom is some freshly ground coffee and an air-tight container. 

If you've ever been to a perfume shop, you've probably noticed that there's often a dish of coffee beans on the counter. That's at least in part because their strong, distinct smell works as an aroma palette cleanser, allowing you to reset your sense of smell between sampling perfumes. Coffee also contains nitrogen, which can actually neutralize odors, making coffee grounds excellent at combatting foul bathroom odors. And unlike those wax melts and sprays, coffee has a natural smell that is inoffensive and soothing. 

How to use coffee grounds as bathroom odor control

Hopefully, it goes without saying that you don't want to just scoop some coffee grounds onto the bathroom counter. Instead, when you're grinding coffee beans for your morning cup of joe, grind up a few extra tablespoons and put them in an air-tight container. It's important to use freshly ground coffee because pre-ground coffee has already lost some of its natural potency, and whole beans won't release as much of their aromatic oil. As far as what kind of container to use, a mason jar will work; just keep in mind that it isn't always advisable to store glass in the bathroom, so you may want to use a plastic container or other canister.

Then, store the coffee grounds somewhere convenient in your bathroom, like in a basket on top of the toilet or under the sink. Whenever you notice a foul odor, just crack open the lid of the coffee grounds and let the smell waft for a few minutes before securing the lid again. The grounds will immediately counteract the bad smells with its lovely fragrance and neutralizing properties. It's important to store the coffee in an air-tight container because otherwise, the smell may fade more quickly, and you may even develop a case of nose blindness. Like all air fresheners, coffee grounds will lose their strong smell over time, so plan to refresh your supply every few weeks or months.