The Handy Tool That'll Help You Clean Your Oven In Record Time

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Cleaning the oven is a cumbersome task for any home dweller due to weeks — or possibly even years — of accumulated grease, burnt food residues, and other unsightly stains that stubbornly stick to surfaces. The high temperatures during cooking cause spills to bake onto the oven walls, creating a hardened layer that's often resistant to some conventional cleaners. The intricate design of oven racks and the oven's interior further complicates the cleaning process, requiring disassembly for thorough cleaning. Additionally, the use of harsh chemicals and elbow grease is often necessary, making it a time-consuming and physically demanding chore. If you've been neglecting your oven for any of these reasons, it might be time for you to invest in a drill scrub brush.

A drill scrub brush is a must-have cleaning accessory designed to be attached to a power drill, transforming it into a high-powered cleaning tool. Typically featuring stiff bristles or abrasive pads, the brush rapidly rotates when connected to the drill, providing an efficient and effective way to tackle tough stains and grime. When used for oven cleaning, the drill scrub brush simplifies this time-consuming chore. Its spinning action, combined with the power of the drill, helps break down and lift stubborn grease, burnt-on residues, and baked spills. The brush's design allows it to reach into crevices, corners, and those intricate oven components, providing a more thorough cleaning than traditional methods. It'll minimize the physical effort required and also significantly reduce the time and frustration associated with oven maintenance.

How to clean your oven with a drill brush

Cleaning your oven with a drill brush is the solution to a pain and frustration-free chore. Start by removing the oven racks and wipe out any loose debris with a moist sponge. Create a paste by combining baking soda and water. Spread this mixture on the oven surfaces, avoiding the heating elements. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes but overnight is better for tougher stains. Baking soda is a gentle abrasive that helps break down grime without causing damage. Once the baking soda has worked its magic, wipe it off with a damp sponge.

Next, attach the drill scrub brush to your power drill. Spray the interior with a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar or use hydrogen peroxide for disinfection. Vinegar is a versatile cleaning tool, while hydrogen peroxide acts as a natural disinfectant. The drill brush, when applied with gentle pressure, will help lift off the loosened residues with minimal effort. Be sure to use the brush to get into hard-to-reach spaces and corners and don't be afraid to apply some pressure on difficult stains.

After scrubbing, wipe down the surfaces with a sponge or rag. For lingering odors, wipe surfaces with a water and vinegar solution. Be sure to wipe out all remaining residues and dry the oven before using it for cooking again. One use of this handy drill-brush and you'll have a brush for every room in your home.

Where to buy your drill brush

Incorporating a drill brush into your cleaning routine will not only revolutionize the way you clean your oven but also your other difficult or high-traffic areas. While it can easily cut through grease in your oven, it can also tackle built-up grime in your shower. Fortunately, it's also available through a number of retailers.

For the low-effort shopper, the best place to go is Amazon. A simple search of "drill brush" will yield dozens of results, each offering brushes in a variety of packages and designs. Amazon's recommended choice features seven pieces including six different style and size brushes, each designed for a specific type of location in your home. Better yet, it also features an extendable attachment, allowing you to more easily address difficult-to-reach places. All this can be yours for $11.99.

If you're up for a quick jaunt to your local Home Depot, there are a number of different types of packages here as well, though they do not have as many options as Amazon and they are a bit pricier. Home Depot does offer a package of two, made by Ryobi, that has two different style brushes for $10.97.

Finally, if you're a frequent Target shopper, they also offer an option. This Smart Tech bundle features three different style brushes and an extender for $29.99.