The Creative DIY That'll Turn A Boring Glass Table Into A Unique Art Piece

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If you enjoy thrift shopping for your furniture instead of buying new expensive items, they make superb contenders for DIY projects, especially if you get them at an affordable price. For instance, brand-new round glass tables with contrasting bases are sold at high prices. They're not always the chicest tables unless designed with a modern approach. Dated glass tables aren't always the most attractive, but they're perfect for an upcycling DIY project since they're often sold at an affordable price. Interior designer and TikToker Emily Rayna transformed an old glass table she found on Facebook Marketplace by adding a layer of plywood underneath the glass and covering the wood surface with individual jigsaw puzzle pieces for a unique look.  

Upcycling dated furniture with a new coat of paint or a unique finish can save you money during a remodel and give you an entirely new piece to display in your home. Whether you have dining chairs or tables that have seen better days, a little sanding and a fresh color can transform mundane furniture. You can easily recreate or personalize this glass table hack to complement your home's interior. This DIY is also budget-friendly because you're using minimal materials and tools to upgrade furniture you already have at home. If you don't have a dated glass table, you can always find one at your local antique or thrift store or check out Facebook Marketplace.

How to turn your glass table into artwork

When shopping for plywood, ensure it's larger than the size of your glass surface so that you can easily trace the glass on the plywood. Interior designer Emily Rayna used a cerulean shade to paint the plywood, but you can choose any color that fits the rest of your décor and color palette. Once you have all your materials and tools, take them outside to work freely without worrying about making a mess.

Start by tracing the glass over the plywood to measure the glass's size accurately. Then, remove the glass and trace again about 1 inch inside the first one. Rayna claims in her TikTok video that making the plywood base a little smaller than the glass will give it a cleaner finished look. Cut out the shape using your jigsaw, following the second outline you drew, and sand down the top and the sides for a smooth surface.

Next, arrange your puzzle pieces on top of the plywood. You can add as many pieces as you'd like; just ensure they're evenly spaced out. Getting your puzzle pieces in the right spot can take some time. After you're content with the amount of pieces and the spacing, glue each piece to the plywood and let them completely dry. Finally, paint the entire surface, and after it's dried, add the glass top to complete your masterpiece.

Ways to customize your table

Puzzle pieces aren't everyone's cup of tea. However, the beauty of this DIY is that you have complete control over personalizing how it looks to fit your taste and home. Instead of puzzle pieces, you can use stickers, tickets, stamps, polaroids, guitar picks, bookmarks, beads, pebbles — anything thin and smooth enough to set under the glass — to transform your table. Plus, if you use items that have designs, you won't have to paint the surface, saving you a bit of money. For instance, if you choose to layer your favorite bookmarks on the plywood with book quotes, characters from your favorite books, places where you purchased the bookmarks, etc., you can leave them exposed under the glass top. You can continue the theme by decorating your table with books you're currently reading, figurines, and other book décor. 

In addition, this DIY project makes the perfect gift for a friend or family member. You can design the plywood to match a loved one's interior with things that remind you of them or their favorite activity. If your mom loves collecting rocks or gems, you can purchase flat glass marble gems from Walmart or Amazon and glue them to the plywood. The marble gems have a slight curve, it's best to add a layer of clear ArtResin over the top to create a flat surface for the glass top to rest on. The possibilities are endless when decorating your plywood for your glass table.