Square Toilets: Brilliant Bathroom Trend Or Embarrassing Mistake?

There are many different toilet designs to complement your bathroom. Some types of toilet bowls include round looks and elongated options, as well as the divisive square toilet shape. While the square toilet look is undoubtedly trendy and cool-looking, some people do not appreciate these hyper-modern bowls and prefer to keep their thrones more classic. For instance, interior designer Pheonix Grey of Orion Studios posted a TikTok video describing square toilets as one of "the worst interior design trends." Grey stated, "I don't know if you've ever sat on a square toilet before. I have — the corner points dig right into the back of your legs, and they are the most uncomfortable things you have ever sat on." One viewer hilariously commented, "Maybe square toilets, will encourage faster sit and go times!"

While the comfort level of square toilets may depend on your body shape, it's important to weigh out the pros and cons of this comtemporary toilet shape regarding how it might fit into your home and lifestyle before you take the plunge.

Square toilets may be more about style than comfort

As previously mentioned, square toilets appear chic but some claim they don't feel as good as they look. For many, square toilets are for your legs and bottom what high heels are for feet; both look stunning but cause discomfort. For some trendy individuals, the compliments will be worth the pain, but for others, the praise will never be worth the unpleasant feeling. There are some trains of thought, however, that suggest a square toilet seat may offer more support and therefore, a comfier time in the bathroom.

While the comfort level of a square toilet is up for debate, there's an odd yet accurate reason why workplaces, public spots like restaurants, and people who have a lot of parties should consider investing in square toilets: the square design makes it easy for people to cover the seat with toilet paper. If you often have a lot of people over who use your guest bathroom or if you own a business, it can pay off to invest in a square throne.

There are many options to explore

There's no denying that a square toilet can add a contemporary touch to a bathroom, so if you decide to take the plunge, you have many stylish options. For example, the Swiss Madison SM-1T107 Concorde Square One-Piece Toilet is available for $289 at Wayfair and has 4.4 out of five stars with almost 1,000 reviews. One pleased reviewer even wrote, "We love our toilets!! We bought 2 of them they are so classy [and] nice!! They are perfect [and] easy to clean we get compliments all the time!!"

If you prefer dual-flush options, check out the HOROW 1-piece 0.8/1.28 GPF Dual Flush Square Toilet in White with Seat Included, selling for $300 at Home Depot. The elegant square toilet has 4.4 stars with a 100% recommendation rate. Another pro of square toilets is that many smart toilets have this contemporary shape, such as the INSTER CORE 1-Piece 0.8/1.3 GPF Dual Flush Square Smart Toilet in White with Soft Open/Close and Instant Heated Seat, available for $961 at Home Depot. So, if you want to treat yourself to a luxury smart toilet, it's a good idea to stay with the futuristic theme and go for a square look.