Types Of Toilet Bowls You Should Know

Remodeling a bathroom requires a homeowner to consider every little detail of the space. It can be easy to get lost in finding aesthetically pleasing finishes to create a beautiful design; however, being unattentive to different functional aspects will create a space you won't enjoy using. So, this means finding appropriate light fixtures, flooring material, storage systems, and the perfect toilet! Think about it. The toilet is used every single day by every member of the house, so it's crucial to choose something you won't mind sitting on for several years.

However, there is a step-by-step process when deciding which toilet best suits your needs. You can't just make your decision based on the overall style of the toilet, but you must also analyze the different components, such as the toilet bowl. There are two types to consider when selecting: Round and elongated, and we'll break down the different characteristics of each option to help you choose.

Round toilet bowl

The round toilet bowl is typically a better choice for smaller bathrooms, especially those used by children or small adults. It's common for parents to start with a round toilet bowl for their children, swapping it out for an elongated version when they're older. This is because its average size is 16.5 inches from the bolt holes to the tip of the bowl. However, this means it's also 2 inches smaller than its elongated counterpart, which may make larger adults uncomfortable.

However, if you're working on a tight budget, a round toilet bowl may be what you want. Although you may not be saving much, the average cost of the round option is $280, while an elongated toilet is $290. But, these prices can quickly change depending on the different features you choose, such as dual flush and single flush, which can easily add a few hundred dollars to your total order.

Elongated toilet bowl

Although round toilet bowls are a bit more affordable and better suited for small spaces, most homeowners favor the elongated shape due to its design and size, which averages 18.5 inches from the bolt holes to the tip of the seat. Since this option is larger, it's also better suited for homeowners with disabilities. Elongated toilets are required in public restrooms by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally, it's also typically a preferred option for tall adults.

Also, elongated toilet bowls will usually have stronger flushing power than round bowls, making them easier to clean. Also, you likely won't have to flush more than once, resulting in less energy use and water waste. So, elongated toilets may also be a better option for those hoping to preserve energy. The only downside of this shape is that it may not be able to fit correctly in a small space. No one wants a bathroom where a toilet fixture takes up half the area, so a round toilet bowl may be a better option in a room with minimal square footage.