Grab Some Pool Noodles And Yarn To DIY The Cheeriest Wall Decor

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Distinctive DIY décor is often the best way to fill your home with custom-made objects that reflect your aesthetic preferences and personality. This includes the things we put on our walls, which grant far more satisfaction through making over just consuming. TikTok user @thegiddenfarm showed off her version of a cheery and whimsical art piece that has been spreading through social media and the blog world. The inexpensive DIY requires several pool noodles, yarn, hot glue, scissors, and some decorative materials to make an adorable wall-hanging rainbow. 

This project would be perfect for a children's room, baby's nursery, or playroom. It's also great for any room in the home where you'd like to add a bit of colorful fun. Even better, since pool noodles are extremely budget-friendly and widely available at places like Michael's and Dollar Tree, you can complete this entire hack for well under $30. If you want some inexpensive yarn in rainbow colors, you could purchase Lion Brand's eight bundles of colored yarn for $10 on Amazon. However, any colors can be used, from fluorescent shades to neutrals. Additionally, if you have any extra yarn from previous sewing projects, try using the excess for this DIY to save some money. This project is perfect for creating a customized, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Creating a pool noodle rainbow

To make your pool noodle rainbow, shape 3 to 4 pool noodles into an arch. Many commenters and DIY-ers suggest placing them between heavy objects to sustain the shape as you work and help the arches stay bent. You could also bend copper pipes and place them inside the noodles to help them keep their "U" shape. Cut along the bottom of the pool noodles so that they are even across, then take each separate noodle and wrap it tightly in yarn, gluing the yarn onto both the ends. You can vary the varieties of yarn, including eyelash or fringed types, for a more textured look. Try it in a traditional rainbow color spectrum or use colors that fit your design aesthetic, like @thegiddenfarm's chic, neutral, bohemian decor look.

Once they're completely wrapped in yarn, glue the noodles together, then wrap them all with larger yarn near the base to hold the arch shape (or, as @thegiddenfarm suggests in the comments, poke wood skewers into them for extra security.) Next, create a fringe for the bottom that mimics clouds by cutting white, fluffy yarn into small pieces and bunching it all together. You can also make clouds from a variety of materials like tassels, cotton batting, or large pom poms. Glue or tie a piece of yarn to the back for hanging. Finally, finish the piece by adding trim, beads, pom poms, and other decorations that create depth and texture.