The Ultimate Guide To Bohemian Decor

Though some decorators prefer to take a more modern or traditional route, the bohemian style is unique, relaxed, and inviting. According to The Spruce, the bohemian aesthetic highlights a free-spirited approach to life. Inspired by creative and eclectic lives, this style mixes objects and patterns from different parts of the globe. Adding pieces like colorful rugs, warm blankets, patterned throw pillows, and textured artwork to your home will create a boho-inspired vibe (via HGTV). Choosing to go for a more bohemian-inspired style opens up the door to having complete and total artistic freedom.

Whether you're seeking something simple and minimalistic or prefer vibrant colors inspired by the '70s, it's easy to adjust your designs to fit your vision. To prevent your home from looking overdone, follow a few simple guidelines when decorating. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to bohemian decor, and get ready to be beyond inspired to spruce up your home.

Invest in quality wicker furniture

Wicker furniture has a naturally beachy and boho-chic look. Though typically used as outdoor furniture in backyards, using wicker pieces indoors evoke a strong sense of indoor-outdoor living. This effect is perfect for a relaxed, nature-inspired scene. Per The Wicker Woman, rattan is the main material used to make wicker furniture. This versatile material easily bends into different shapes and figures, and the neutral coloring makes it easy to pair with other design elements in your home.

Another unique benefit of wicker furniture is it's incredibly lightweight and easy to move around. Whether used for pendant lighting, mirrors, headboards, lamps, or coffee tables, you can fill your entire home with chic wicker pieces (via American Country Home Store). Consider incorporating artwork with rattan details or textured wallpaper. If you style and arrange your furniture correctly, your home will look like a Balinese oasis in minutes.

Select warm, neutral tones

While boho homes often feature bright pops of color and bold patterns, earth tones are a great foundation. According to House Beautiful, earthy tones ranging from beige to light gray give off an inviting and cozy vibe. Keep in mind that there is a difference between cool and warm tones when planning your space. For example, grays and blues are cool earthy tones, while taupe and beige are warm.

Since neutral color palettes are pretty timeless and versatile, they are one of the best and low-maintenance routes you can go when selecting your color palette (via MyDomaine). There are also several bohemian-inspired color combos to explore, ranging from seafoam green and beige to dusty rose and taupe. If you plan on using lots of patterned rugs, blankets, tapestries, curtains, or pillows, a monochromatic or neutral foundation allows you to get even more creative with your decor.

Adorn your home with vibrant green plants

You can't create a bohemian oasis without a few (or several) vibrant, green plants. According to Better Homes & Gardens, decorating with houseplants in your home offers a variety of health benefits, such as increased oxygen and cleaner air. They can also provide mental benefits by alleviating stress and encouraging a stronger sense of productivity. Of course, if you're hoping to bring the outdoors in, plants are a fool-proof way of doing so.

Since there are so many types of plants to choose from, it's essential to be selective when planning your layout. From succulents on your window sill to banana plants in the corner, there is no shortage of creativity involved in adorning your home with plants (via Pebble Mag). If you have limited space in your home, consider growing an herb garden in the kitchen for fresh flavor and a culinary touch.

Create a cozy meditation corner

If you enjoy meditating and quieting your mind, create a cozy meditation corner in your home. Decorate the space with comfortable cushions and blankets in different colors and patterns to achieve a serene environment. According to Apartment Therapy, low-level seating is a bohemian-style option that is casual yet inviting. Low-level seating can seem a bit uncomfortable at first, so it's best to have different seating options in your home for when guests come over. To style your meditation area, you can use everything from canopies to plants to make it tranquil.

A table is also a good option for making your meditation corner or low-level seating section functional. In addition to looking nice and adding a unique charm to your home, meditation cushions can also help clear your mind, help you to think straight, and allow you to achieve better focus and clarity (via Verywell Mind).

Instead of painting your walls, use wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the best ways to create a boho-chic oasis in your living space. Per Chic Home Life, the most bohemian wallpapers on the market tend to be inspired by nature, animals, geometric shapes, chevrons, or global prints. Some great examples include tribal designs and palm-leaf patterns, though the options are endless. If you have bold patterns in your furniture and decor, you may want to opt for more minimalistic walls.

If you live in a rental or are concerned about damaging your walls with traditional wallpaper, use peel-and-stick products that look just as good as the real thing. If you want to keep things simple and neutral, this Saffron Sun Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper is a great option. However, for a more beachy take on bohemian decor, you can't go wrong with some green palm leaves like this one from Burke Decor.

Play with metallic furniture and light fixtures

Although bohemian decor features a lot of neutral tones and colors, it is essential to take a closer look at the metals in your space. According to Better Homes & Gardens, metallics like gold and silver add a sophisticated and modern touch to a home. From kitchen sinks to framed mirrors, adding a pop of gold will spruce up your space and add dimension. While some prefer silver, gold is a warmer tone with a bohemian look.

Metallic accents can also be found on the bottom of your chairs or coffee tables, providing a subtle yet impactful enhancement. However, remember that too much metallic gold can cause your home to look overdone, which is the opposite of a relaxed and bohemian style. Be sure to pay close attention to where you have metallic accents and try to keep your use of them to a minimum.

Install a hammock in your backyard

Nothing screams bohemian as much as having a hammock swaying in your backyard. Whether taking a nap under the trees to simply kicking back with a good book, hammocks are a must-have for anyone trying to spruce up their space with a laid-back touch. Per Hammock Universe, there are several health benefits associated with using hammocks. In addition to providing you with a place to rest, sleeping in a hammock helps you achieve a better sleeping posture and enjoy a zero-pressure point snooze.

Some other benefits of a hammock come from swaying back and forth, which puts your mind at ease and creates a soothing effect on the brain. While most hammocks have a beachy or outdoorsy feel, this upscale Saratoga Hammock from Anthropologie has a pure bohemian style. Install this in your backyard or the living room to complete your serene bohemian oasis.

Get creative and play with patterns

While some bohemian spaces focus on minimalism and monochromatic color schemes, global patterns and designs have found their place in bohemian decor. From throw pillows to rugs, mixing and matching patterns creates an effortlessly chic style that catches the eye and draws people in. According to The Spruce, branching out with your pattern choices can result in a space that appears more professionally and intentionally designed. If you're mixing patterns and prints in your room, aim to incorporate different styles with a similar vibe.

In addition to global patterns, you can also use geometric shapes and designs to accomplish a more modern take on bohemian decor. Busy patterns require a neutral background, so carefully plan when mapping everything out. If you're unsure where to start, find a massive, patterned rug that you love, and then layer the rest of your decor around this central element.

Set the mood with candles

Candles are romantic and mysterious. They give off a soft glow that is perfect for setting a relaxed mood in your space. While you should certainly be cautious about having an open flame in your home, a collection of candles creates an inviting sea of light. Per Jande Direct, colorful candles provide a unique touch that standard cream or white candles lack. If you have a lot of colorful pillows or blankets in your living room, use colored candles to mix and match.

If you plan on using candles as a consistent form of decor, keep the scent in mind. While one of the primary purposes of candle scents is to keep your home smelling fresh, you don't want to overdo it. Too many different scents in a small space can be overwhelming and make you nauseous or lightheaded. If you find this problem an issue, use tea lights or unscented soy candles instead.

Use decorative throw pillows and blankets

Although decorative pillows have the potential to look tacky, they can be a good tool for achieving a bohemian style in your living room or bedroom. According to MyDomaine, mixing and matching colorful throw pillows creates a free-spirited space with style and poise. In addition to keeping one's attention, combining patterns highlights the more refined aspects of a home, such as hardwood floors or bare white walls. To mix throw pillows like a professional, start by picking an anchor color and selecting pillows in complementary shades.

If you don't want to include several pillows or blankets with different designs, get creative with size and material. Contrary to popular belief, pillow size does not have to match the size of your couch or cushion. You can arrange oversized pillows on a small accent chair or place a collection of small pillows on a sofa to create a funky scene.

Invest in high-quality rugs

Even though they decorate the floor, rugs have the power to dictate the rest of the room. While they can be subtle, floor coverings can also catch the eye and act as a great focal point in your space. During an interview with Martha Stewart, professional designer Nancy Fire said, "Evoking the coziness that's so important today is not just about pillows and throws, you want to think of it from the floor up."

However, before shopping for the perfect rug (or rugs), look at the room and decide what styles will work best in your space. For example, if you have a lot of art or decor on the walls, consider laying more minimalistic or solid rugs instead of ones with intricate patterns. If your walls are on the plainer side, a busy rug might be just what you need to pull your room together.

Add a hanging chair in your living room

Although you don't see them often in the home, hanging chairs are nearly impossible to ignore. They are unique, stylish, and bohemian. According to Finding Sea Turtles, hanging chairs or swings are a functional addition to your living space. In addition to being eye-catching and fun, a hanging chair can also be quite comfortable. While you shouldn't go too crazy with the swinging (simple for safety reasons), rocking back and forth is soothing and relaxing.

The most professional swinging chairs are the most difficult to install, and they require that you drill directly into the ceiling. However, they usually look the best and create a bohemian-inspired scene. However, if you don't feel like dealing with all of the stress involved with installing a legitimate hanging chair, you can buy one like this from Wayfair. This chair provides the same effect without forcing you to drill holes into the ceiling.

Hang a canopy

Canopies are simple, stunning, and timeless. Per Architecture And Design, a bed canopy enhances a space and makes it feel more romantic. It can also add an ethereal and delicate touch to any bedroom, making you feel like you're on a cloud. While some hangings can appear a little juvenile or young, there are several sophisticated options to explore. If you want something dramatic and inspired by the tropics, look at this Majesty White Large Canopy from Bed Bath & Beyond.

When it comes to hanging your canopy, the process is straightforward. The most important thing is to ensure that you install your hook directly in the center of your bed, allowing the delicate canopy to drape evenly across your mattress to the floor. If you don't like the idea of sleeping with a canopy draped around you, tie the fabric back and place it behind your headboard at night.

Decorate with serene crystals

Decorating with crystals is a stunning, unique, and meaningful way to spruce up your space. According to Apartment Therapy, there are several different ways to use crystals as decor. From crystal gardens to magical altars in your bedroom, crystals are eye-catching, and they are sure to start some great conversations with guests. Regardless of whether or not you believe in the power of crystals, they are beautiful decorative touches to consider for your home.

Crystals come in a mix of types and colors, ensuring that you can use different ones throughout your space to complement existing decor. If you want to elevate the energy and create a sense of peace in your home, crystals are one of your best options (via MyDomaine). From selenite to rose quartz, learning more about crystals and what they can inspire is the first step in finding creative ways to decorate your bohemian home.