The Ingredient You Need To Keep Your Mirror Fog-Free Is Already In Your Kitchen

Whether you're driving to work or stepping out of the shower, fogged windows are a huge inconvenience. Not only do they limit visibility, but they often require the use of toxic defoggers that contain harmful forever chemicals. Seeing as cold surfaces are perfect places for steam to condense, this common problem is often unavoidable. The good news is you can tackle it with a pantry staple: potatoes. Simply slice one in half and rub it anywhere you want to banish fog from forming. There's no need to boil or bake your potato, either — just use a raw one for this trick, and throw it out after use. 

You can use this helpful hack in bathrooms, on car windows, and more. Just keep in mind that fog on your home's windows can signify larger issues, such as faulty seals. However, if you're just looking to keep fog from forming after a hot shower or want to reduce fog on your morning commute to work, then this trick is ideal. You might need to reapply your potato juice after you clean your mirrors, however, so always keep an extra spud handy. Here's how to keep your mirrors clean and fog-free.

Put your potato to work

If you want to try this clever potato hack, TikToker @mmarilyn__224 explains how to keep windows free from fog. Slice a potato and rub its juice on any windows or glass you're looking to prevent from fogging. If your potato starts to dry up while in use, just slice off the end to access more starch. Next, use a clean microfiber cloth to rub the potato juice all around your mirror or windows, removing smudges. Just be careful not to touch surfaces until they're dry. You could use a sweet potato, as they're high in starch, but regular white potatoes contain more starch than the sweet variety. You can purchase a bag of organic potatoes for less than $6, making this a safe and affordable hack. 

This hack works because when the starch is rubbed on mirrors and windows, it offers a protective layer between these surfaces and fog. Even better, since potatoes are edible, there's no worry about using harmful chemicals in your home or car. Although some people choose to install heated mirror defoggers in their bathroom, this has its downsides. For starters, it can be expensive, as it's advisable to have professionals work on anything electrical. Next, if your mirror expands during the heating process, you run the risk of its glass shattering. Potatoes offer a safe and affordable means of achieving fog-free mirrors and windows.