DIY An Adorable Valentine's Day Wreath Out Of A Few Dollar Store Tablecloths

The on-theme décor is one of the best parts of celebrating any holiday. Although shopping around for decorative items at places like Hobby Lobby or Walmart can get expensive, you can save money by DIYing a lot of your own baubles. Valentine's Day is exciting to accessorize in; the colors, shapes, and feelings of joy and love make the holiday incredibly fun to decorate. A DIY heart-shaped wreath using items solely from the Dollar Store is an affordable and accessible project to add to your Valentine's Day décor this year.

Whether giving this wreath to a loved one as a gift, hanging it on your front door, or featuring it in a classroom, it is bound to liven up the space and set the tone for the upcoming Day of Love. The DIY With Nadia YouTube channel offers an easy step-by-step way to create this wreath using a short list of materials from Dollar Tree. The project is incredibly flexible in how you can design it and make it distinctive to your style, and it will only cost you a couple of bucks and a few hours of your time. Here is what you need and how to complete this adorable Valentine's Day wreath on a budget.

Gathering materials and getting started

The materials needed for this peppy Valentine's Day wreath are few, and all items can be found at Dollar Tree. The retailer features wreath wires in various shapes, the most obvious for this project being their Heart-Shape Metal Wreath Form. But nothing says you have to choose the heart; instead, you could select a butterfly, a circle, a cross, or even a star. If you choose proper tablecloth colors, any shape will look festive for the holiday. Select three packs of rectangular plastic table covers in white, red, and pink. Aside from tablecloths, ribbon, and yarn can be used as alternatives. Dollar Tree has tons of Valentine-themed ribbons and colorful yarns to choose from. Also, look for small on-theme props to add to your wreath, such as Glitter Heart Picks or Mini Heart Ornaments. Lastly, have a pair of scissors on hand.

Begin this project by taking your first tablecloth out of the package and leaving it folded. Cut the folded cloth into four even strips. An easy way to do this without measuring is to cut the tablecloth in half and then cut those halves in half. Eyeballing your cuts throughout the project will be fine; nothing needs a perfect precise measurement. Once you have your four stacks of strips, unfold the outer two, opening them up so you can cut them down the center. At this point, you should have six groups of strips about 1 to 2 inches thick.

Completing your Valentine wreath

The next step in putting your wreath together is to fold each bundle of strips in half again and cut them in half one last time horizontally. This will give you strips that are roughly 6 inches long. Repeat this for each tablecloth and color. Now that you have your strips of each tablecloth ready, it is time to shape them into leaf-like points by cutting and curving the corners of each strip on both ends. When all the strip's corners are trimmed this way, you will be left with various petals in each color. As you move on to begin putting your wreath together, choose a color pattern to follow and stick with throughout the process.

Starting on the inside and working your way out, begin tying petals to the wire in pairs of two, alternating between colors. Be gentle in your tying and tightening so as not to tear the material. Continue repeating this process until the entire wreath is full, leaving you with a voluminous and vibrant wreath to hang this Valentine's Day. If performing this project with ribbon, you'll follow the same cut-and-tie technique as the tablecloth. For yarn, the material can be wound around a layer of wire and glued or tied off to create a fluffy and dimensional texture between materials. Don't forget to add in other small touches with various Valentine designs and props to make the wreath uniquely yours.