The Best Way To Decorate The Home For Valentine's Day

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Celebrate love by sprucing up your space with some fun and festive Valentine's Day holiday decor! While some think Valentine's Day is an overrated or commercial holiday, there is nothing wrong with getting in the spirit and making the most of this special time. According to History, February 14th is intended to honor St. Valentine. After helping hopeless lovers marry in secret during Emperor Claudius' cruel reign, Valentine became one of the most popular saints in England and France. Legend says that he was also the first to send a "valentine" to his beloved while in prison.

Valentine's Day can be just as fun and festive as Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. There are several options to explore when it comes to decorating, from heart-shaped pillows to neon signs that light up the word "love." While you can definitely get some cheap and quick decorations from Party City, places like Target make it easy to collect long-lasting items that appear more refined and elegant. In order to give you some inspiration, we've put together this guide on the best way to decorate the home for Valentine's Day!

1. Invest in some cute Valentine's Day throw pillows

Throw pillows are the perfect way to brighten up your space in a subtle yet stylish way. According to Architectural Digest, throw pillows truly take your couch to the next level by adding some flair and personality. While you may already have some decorative pillows on your furniture, they are easy to switch out when trying to spruce things up for Valentine's Day (or any holiday)! If you really want to go all out, add some throw pillows to your bedroom as well to create a theme throughout the entire house.

While solid red accent pillows can feel spirited in a more elusive way, there are several more obvious themed throw pillows to consider. For example, Target has an entire section of Valentine's Day pillows to explore. From pillows engraved with sweet phrases like "I Love Us" to heart-shaped plush cushions, the possibilities are endless. This vibrant red shag heart pillow from Amazon also makes a festive statement.

2. Display boxes of chocolate throughout your space

Nothing screams Valentine's Day like a box of chocolates. In addition to being a tasty treat, a heart-shaped box of chocolates can add a delicate touch to your Valentine's Day decor. While you can easily grab a few standard boxes of chocolate from your local CVS or Walgreens, vintage chocolate boxes possess a certain charm that is not easily replicated. According to Color Me Thrifty, vintage heart-shaped chocolate boxes are affordable and elegant. If the boxes are empty, try hanging them on the wall or setting them up on your bookshelf or mantle.

Are you looking for a more interactive and indulgent way to decorate? Display boxes that have actual chocolate in them! Lake Champlain Chocolates has a nice selection of tasty treats that come in various boxes and bags, making it easy to sweeten up your space. In addition to adding some holiday flair to your coffee tables, these chocolates also act as a convenient snack for guests and friends.

3. Add some red accents

Obviously, red is the most relevant color associated with Valentine's Day. From roses to hearts, red does an amazing job representing passion, power, and love. Per Windermere Real Estate, red can add an energizing element to your home in various ways. If you are looking for more permanent red accents that you can keep up all year round, consider adding some retro red bar stools or a sleek red accent chair in the living room. Even a red Persian rug adds a pop of color in a very subtle and timeless way.

That being said, if red isn't your color and you don't plan on keeping red accents in your home past the holiday, there are also plenty of options. This red heart garland from Walmart is a simple and festive way to add some red without going overboard. Though this decoration is definitely on the cheaper side, the darker hue allows it to blend in a bit more than some other cherry-red pieces.

4. Spruce up your kitchen with some themed tea towels

Though it might seem a bit old-fashioned, changing out your tea towels during the holidays is a very traditional and cute way to get in the spirit! From green and red plaid tea towels for Christmas to pastel ones for Easter, these unique accessories are perfect for those looking to start a unique collection. However, instead of storing them in a kitchen drawer, holiday-themed tea towels should be left out on display. Whether you want to fold them neatly next to the sink or you want to hang them on the handle of your oven, your kitchen is sure to feel 10 times cozier.

If you want to avoid tea towels that appear plain, check out these artsy heart towels from Williams Sonoma. The clean white background contrasts with the colorful hearts, resulting in a more modern take on the traditional tea towel. They are also made from 100% twill cotton, making them durable and easy to wash.

5. Set your dining table with Valentine's Day details

There is nothing like sitting down at a romantic dining table to celebrate the universal day of love. Whether you want to adorn the table with cozy candles or scattered rose petals, the festive dining area will create a romantic atmosphere for dinner. While you can invest in some beautiful champagne glasses or wine glasses for a more elegant setup, there are also smaller details to pay attention to to complete your space.

For example, these watercolor heart linen napkins from Pottery Barn show adorable and delicate attention to detail. Though they are covered in hearts, they are also far from the overdone Valentine's Day decor that many people are used to seeing. Pair these linens with these heart-shaped watercolor plates for a cohesive arrangement. These plates can be used for anything from appetizers to desserts. Finish off the evening with a romantic champagne toast with these heart-engraved champagne flutes!

6. Adorn your mantle with themed decor

Ready to reignite a flame? Get cozy by a decked-out fire this Valentine's Day. From small heart-shaped sculptures to classic vases with red roses, there are several ways to make your mantle love-day ready. If you prefer a clean and sleek look on your mantle, hang this minimalistic and delicate felt garland from one end to the other. In addition to being simple, this garland from The Little Market is also eco-friendly, ensuring that you can feel good about your purchase. Though the pink and red colors are most relevant to Valentine's Day, it is also available in five other colors.

Candles are another great way to set the mood. Use these sophisticated glass candle holders from West Elm to create a romantic scene. These candle holders are subtle, classic, and perfectly tinted with a pink hue. Depending on how much room you have to work with on your mantle, you can choose between three different sizes.

7. Display a love sign

Make your intentions clear by displaying a written out "love sign somewhere in your house. Whether you want something big or small, you can't decorate your home for Valentine's Day without a dedication to the holiday's main purpose. For something a bit more funky and unique, hang this Williams Sonoma wreath on your wall in whatever style you please. From a straight-across sign to a more block-style arrangement, the letters in this sign are separate so that you can place them however you'd like. You could also arrange them on your mantle or bookshelf if you don't want to make new holes in your wall.

For something smaller, check out this "love" sculpture from Party City. It makes a great addition to your coffee table or nightstand, and it is beyond affordable. Though pieces like this don't make a huge statement on their own, collecting multiple decorations of a similar style and size can result in an impressive scene.

8. Invest in subtler decorations that can fit in with your everyday style

If you find yourself put off or overwhelmed by most Valentine's Day decorations because of their bright colors and frilly style, go for simpler pieces. Rather than buying throw pillows with hearts or phrases on them, stick to solid colors like light pink to create a relaxing yet joyful ambiance. However, remember to be open-minded when it comes to shopping. Not all V-Day decorations are over-the-top!

Take this Pottery Barn Kids pastel wall art, for example. Though it displays different hanging hearts, the light coloring makes it more minimalist and allows it to blend in with interiors with neutral colors. These breathtaking flowers from Venus Et Fleur are also a classic way to embrace the season of love without being too kitschy. And items like this Williams Sonoma Valentine's Day platter can be used throughout the rest of the year rather than sitting and collecting dust for 11 months.

9. Hang a neon sign that catches the eye

Neon signs are a cool and contemporary accessory that looks great in modern spaces. However, finding the right place for a neon sign might be difficult if you have a very traditional interior. That being said, neon signs can work in various rooms ranging from a living room to a bedroom to a patio. These heart-shaped waterfall lights are a perfect example of a versatile yet quirky Valentine's Day decoration. Best of all, these string lights can be reused or made as a permanent piece of decor in a kid's room or cool bathroom.

If you're looking for a more traditional and retro neon sign, take a look at this heart-shaped LED light from YellowPop. In addition to pink and red, this sign is also available in 11 other colors that range from green to blue. Though it's not the biggest accessory, the neon lighting makes it stand out in any space.

10. Arrange flowers in every room

There is something about florals that evoke an undeniable sense of romance and intimacy. Whether you're a sucker for classic red roses or you prefer to switch things up with some vibrant wildflowers, the presence of florals elevates a space and adds a beautiful and elegant touch. However, flowers do more than sit and look pretty. According to BloomsyBox, having flowers throughout your home can result in a boosted mood and feelings of joy. From the bedroom to the bathroom, flowers are a foolproof way to spruce up your space and encourage feelings of love.

While you can easily run to your local farmers' market or grocery store and buy a bouquet, using a professional or special arrangement in your living room helps increase the festiveness. Since this is the space that gets used and seen most often by guests, a big, colorful arrangement will surely set the Valentine's Day mood. You can even personalize your vase for a more intimate touch.

11. Go all out with some outdoor inflatables

While you may think that front yard inflatables are reserved strictly for Christmas, think again! From giant blow-up hearts to animated versions of Cupid, show your love for love with a festive scene outside! If you're not totally into the idea of having an eye-catching inflatable up for days at a time, set one up before throwing a fun Valentine's Day get-together or party.

This simple yet festive Valentine's Day inflatable from Wayfair is easy to blow up for a sweet surprise. Are you looking for something more nostalgic? Check out this adorable bear holding a heart. It even lights up at night, meaning you can show off your playful nature in the evening. If inflatables aren't your thing, adorn an outdoor tree with these hanging candy hearts. Another option is to use a classic doormat like this heart one from Bed, Bath & Beyond, along with a heart-shaped wreath to deck out your front door.

12. Start the morning off with something sweet by making a Valentine's Day coffee cart

Though Valentine's Day is a holiday dedicated to love, it is also centered on indulgence. Cure your sweet tooth and set the scene with an adorable coffee bar that will make you excited to get up and start the day. According to Good Housekeeping, coffee bars go beyond functionality by truly making a statement in your home. There is a real sense of luxury associated with a charming coffee cart, and it also allows you to get creative when it comes to design and style.

While you can keep your coffee cart up all year long, there are some love-centered accents you can add during Valentine's Day for a sweet touch. From heart-shaped marshmallows to red rose petals scattered across the cart, the choice is yours. Are you looking to get extra festive? Invest in some holiday-themed mugs. This Valentine's Day watercolor mug from Society6 makes a cute statement, while these pink Le Creuset mugs provide a subtler nod to the holiday.

13. Hang some framed art for a refined and sleek style

Adorning your walls with framed artwork is a very classy way to decorate for Valentine's Day. This idea works especially well if you already have pictures and paintings hung throughout your home. Simply take your everyday photos or art down and replace them with some Valentine's Day-themed images. If you want to go for a vintage-inspired setup, check out this heart-themed print from Artfully Walls. The deep red hearts and the French phrase create a unique ambiance that alludes to Valentine's Day without being over the top.

For something even subtler, take a look at this stunning pink and red painting from West Elm. This painting screams sophistication, yet still gets you in the spirit with the pink and red accents. This piece, in particular, is a solid addition for those who want to create a cohesive scene in their home while decorating for Valentine's Day.

14. Create a warm welcome by decorating your front door

As mentioned before, decorating your front door for Valentine's Day is a great way to greet your guests in a subtle yet cheerful manner. If you are the type of person who wants your home to feel complete from the inside out while decorating, it is important to include your outdoor areas while mapping out your style. When it comes to the color scheme of your outdoor decor, be sure to pick out items that complement the exterior of your home.

Since no front door is complete without a welcome mat, switch your standard mat out for a more relevant and cheerful one. Perhaps the only thing better than a doormat with hearts on it is a heart-shaped doormat. This one from Sundance Catalog is celebratory and cute in addition to being durable and weather-resistant. Rather than roses, go for something different with this Grandin Road tulip heart wreath. You can also add some real florals on either side of your front door for some extra love!