IKEA's Closet Systems Ranked By Reviews

If you're in the market for a closet solution, turning to IKEA may seem like a no-brainer because it has so many products to choose from. But also, IKEA has so many products to choose from ... to the point where selecting a closet system or wardrobe may feel like an overwhelming task. IKEA's closet system collections can be difficult to navigate because they have the same name but different individual products have unique features to consider. Then there's the versatility of the units. For instance, you can organize your clothes with a popular IKEA shoe cabinet. But we're here to help.

Of course it's important to take certain factors into account when choosing a closet organization system. Asking yourself questions -– Do I prefer to hang or fold my clothes? What is the current style of my room? Do I want open or closed closet storage? — can all help point you toward the right system. To get you closer to the right choice, we also scoured IKEA's website to find comparable closet and wardrobe systems, in order show you how they stack up against one another. Using their customer review insights, rating averages, and number of ratings, we've ranked IKEA's wardrobe and closet systems from least to most loved by actual IKEA customers.

9. ELVARLI has pros and cons

The ELVARLI open wardrobe system comes in a couple of different iterations, with either ceiling-mounted posts or rung sides that stand freely on the floor. This system sits lowest in our ranking due to its having the greatest percentage of pieces rated below a 4-star average. It also has an overall lower number of available ratings and reviews online. But there are some pieces from the system that are relatively well reviewed by customers. For example, the side unit combination with a clothes rail has seven ratings and a 4.4-star rating. And many of the ELVARLI accessories that can be affixed to the main wardrobe pieces are the most well-rated in the series, such as the shelf and the clothes rail.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of comprehensive insight about the system as a whole. Some reviews on the combination units report positive feedback about the ELVARLI's functionality and how well it works in the customer's given space. Other reviewers note issues with stability and assembly, as well as the inability to easily deconstruct an ELVARLI unit without damaging pieces. So, while the system may have a few pieces worth considering, its reputation is lacking based on reviews and ratings alone.

8. BOAXEL is an affordable choice

The basis of the BOAXEL closet system are wall-mounted rails that allow you to add and take away shelves, drawers, and rails as you please. This system sits low in our ranking because many of its reviewed pieces are rated below a 4-star average. But there are standouts in the bunch that have still managed to impress reviewers who consider it a game changer for cluttered closets.

Of the BOAXEL lineup, the best rated units are the shelving unit (13 reviews, 4.8 stars) and the combination with drawers, shelves, and a clothes rail (nine reviews, 4.3 stars). Insight into the assembly and installation process is a totally mixed bag, with reviews split between claims of struggle and ease. But between both of these pieces, reviewers note that they enjoy the customizability of the BOAXEL system. With this in mind, it makes sense that the best rated items of the series are some of the separately sold shelves and rail accessories. Despite its flaws, the BOAXEL is piece-for-piece one of the most affordable systems IKEA offers, so it may be a good option for someone who is looking to stretch their budget.

7. JONAXEL offers shelves and drawers

The JONAXEL system relies on shelves, along with wire and mesh drawers, to keep closets and humid areas like laundry rooms or bathrooms organized. This system falls a bit lower on our list of rankings because there are fewer reviews and lower ratings overall for the larger wardrobe combinations available, compared to other selections from IKEA. With that said, the drawer units from the JONAXEL series are beloved by customers. The frame with mesh baskets has 53 reviews and a 4.8-star rating, and the wire basket option has 33 reviews and a 4.3-star rating. Customers repeatedly note how easily these smaller units worked to keep their closet contents organized, calling them "perfect" for their needs.

For the larger JONAXEL combination with multiple drawer frames and clothes rails, there are currently only four reviews at a 4-star average. Three of these reviews had 5-star ratings, which remarked on the JONAXEL's ease of assembly and how they liked that the system wasn't as bulky in their closet as other wardrobes. One reviewer specifically raved about how well they and their partner were able to customize the JONAXEL to fit their closet space. With all of this said, the JONAXEL system may be worth considering for those who rely more on drawers or those who prefer a lightweight assembly.

6. OMAR is a sturdy, no-frills option

With 10 reviews and a 4.8-star average rating, the double OMAR shelving unit with clothes rails stands out as a versatile closet storage solution -– whether out in the open or tucked away in a recessed wall or closet space (it also works to optimize a small kitchen). Where the OMAR series really differs from IKEA's other closet systems is in its galvanized metal finish. In addition to clothing rails, as well as both upper and lower shelves, there are also hooks on the side of the unit to maximize storage for closet fodder like purses, hats, and scarves.

It's true that the OMAR's industrial look won't suit every shopper's design taste or existing décor. But it does offer a solid, no-frills construction. In fact, nearly half of the reviews use the word "sturdy" to describe it. Customers also say it's easy to put together and works great as open storage. So, if you're in the market for practicality and function, the OMAR system is a well-rated way to go.

5. AURDAL is great for small spaces

The AURDAL system intends to help you organize the smallest spaces in your home. Across the available combinations, the throughline is that they all have both a bottom and a top shelf. From there, you are deciding on drawers, shelves, and clothing rails to add onto the system. The most popular AURDAL combo has 13 reviews and a 4.8-star average rating. It comes in dark gray and has a central shelving unit with two clothing rods extending off of one side, and one rod on the other. The AURDAL system is unique in that its pieces are designed to be tucked into an existing closet space. They could be placed along a wall as an open unit, so long as the clothing rails have a wall on either side to attach to.

Most reviews of the AURDAL storage combinations relay how sturdy, beautiful, and easy to install they are. Customers also say that the system isn't too deep, which makes it work well as an organizer in shallow closet spaces. And one user even called the unit "elegant," remarking that it offered more than they expected. While this closet system doesn't have as many reviews as higher ranking options on our list, the ones it does have are positive. So if the AURDAL's features seem right for your closet's needs, try it out, and then leave your own feedback for future shoppers.

4. HAUGA has a refined look

The HAUGA wardrobe ranks high among IKEA customers, with 168 reviews and a 4.4-star average rating. The unit comes in both white and dark gray, and the two sliding doors have molded panels for a refined look. Inside, there is space for clothes to be both hung and folded. But if you favor folding or need room for more accessories, the wardrobe has holes that allow you to install additional shelves. If that's not enough space, the HAUGA also touts an exterior top shelf with a raised edge, which can keep hats, handbags, and the like neatly in place.

Reviewers call the HAUGA simple and beautiful. Multiple customers mentioned that they love the high-quality look of the wardrobe, and feel that it matches especially well with the traditional details of their home. They also said that while assembly was not terribly difficult, there were some snags with aligning the sliding doors. It seems that the unit is best put together as a two-person job for ultimate ease. If you're looking to add a closet to your space and prefer a traditional style over a more modern one, the HAUGA is a great option to consider.

3. KLEPPSTAD has a simple, no-fuss design

The KLEPPSTAD wardrobe is probably as straightforward as it gets when adding clothing storage to your space. The best rated version of the item has two hinged doors with 30 reviews, and a 4.7-star average (one variation has three hinged doors, and another has two sliding doors). This wardrobe comes exclusively white and has simple white door pulls to match. However, these could easily be replaced by any single screw hardware of your choice, if you want to switch up the look.

Customers agree that the KLEPPSTAD is simply designed, well-sized, and easy to assemble, to boot. One reviewer commented that they were able to put together the unit on their own with no problem and only needed help to stand it upright. Multiple buyers also remarked on how well this free-standing closet works as a storage solution in their small space. If you need really simple, no-fuss functionality, the KLEPPSTAD may be a welcome addition to your home.

2. PAX is very customizable

The PAX wardrobe system is not just taking over TikTok -– it is consistently one of the most often and best reviewed closet and wardrobe systems in IKEA's inventory. It can be designed as an open closet, or you can choose from a number of different sliding or hinged door designs. And the KOMPLEMENT series of interior organizers -– like drawers, shelves, and hangers -– is made specifically to outfit your PAX pieces. Whether you create a unit that works as a standalone wardrobe, or use a couple to organize the inside of your walk-in, customers agree that the PAX is one of IKEA's most dynamic items.

The individual PAX frames, in all available sizes, are reviewed well at over 4 stars by hundreds of reviewers combined. These frames serve as the foundation upon which you can build a totally customized solution that will "reinvigorate" your bedroom, as one customer put it. Reviews also tout the PAX's customizability, as well as its size and roominess. That being said, they also note that assembly is best completed with two pairs of hands because the units can be quite cumbersome. It's also worth mentioning that designing your PAX will take some forethought, which you can complete with the help of IKEA's online PAX planning tool. So if you're looking for something that's more grab-an- go, it may not be for you. However, if you live for personalized storage, the PAX may very well be your closet system hero.

1. BRIMNES is very highly rated

With 1,092 customer reviews and a 4.5-star average rating, the three-door BRIMNES unit impresses as one of IKEA's most dependable wardrobes. One section contains a clothing rail for hanging items and a low shelf, perfect for storing shoes. The other section is separated with three adjustable shelf inserts, which would be great for folded clothing items, handbags, and other accessories. It also has a mirrored door panel, providing a full-length mirror if you don't already have one mounted to your wall.

The BRIMNES' highest subrating sits at 4.7-stars for appearance. Reviewers mention how great the wardrobe looks, and how they love the minimal style. It's currently available in three different finishes — white, black, and dark gray. The hardware is silver but could easily be subbed out if desired. The neutrality of the wardrobe's design makes it versatile enough to fit in with a wide variety of design styles. Multiple customers remark that they have purchased two units because they have found the Brimnes so useful.