Keep Your Clothes Neat And Organized With This Popular IKEA Shoe Cabinet

While having plenty of clothes to wear comes with its own set of perks, it can often result in piles of them building up or a noticeable lack of storage space. If you're looking to organize your clothes but don't know where to start, one wardrobe hack from @claudiaberresford on TikTok could help you to neatly stow away your garments using only an IKEA BRUSALI shoe cabinet. While it may seem like a bizarre place to store them, it can actually work as a complete treat, as you can keep all of them tidy and in order with minimal fuss. 

Likewise, the tilted design of the cabinets should also help you to effortlessly see what's inside, and as they're separate, you should be able to find specific items more easily too. Not only will this help you reduce the mess in your room, but the cabinet itself should be fairly budget-friendly compared to if you opt for a professionally installed solution. So, if you're having some organizational blues, then this may be just the solution that you're looking for. 

Build your IKEA shoe cabinet

To replicate this trick exactly, choose the BRUSALI from IKEA for $99. However, some alternatives include the STÄLL for $179.99 if you have a higher budget, or some larger options, such as the HEMNES, which, again, you can grab for $179.99 from IKEA. The STÄLL has a depth of 11 inches and comes with white, wood, and gray options, while the HEMNES measures in at a depth of just under nine inches and comes with white, black, and gray finishes. They also differ in terms of the number of compartments, with the STÄLL having three and the HEMNES coming with four. Both of these need to be installed against a flat wall due to their design. When it comes to selecting an IKEA shoe cabinet, opt for whichever suits your needs and your space best — there's no one size that fits all here. 

Once you've made your choice and have your cabinet on hand, all you need to do is build it and slot it wherever you want in your room, whether that be inside a walk-in closet, a nook, or against a wall. Now, simply take your clothes, fold or roll them, and pop them into the compartments in a categorized order. By organizing everything on top of or next to each other in each compartment, you should find it much easier to organize your clothes in your bedroom and minimize the amount of mess. 

Get creative with your IKEA cabinet

Rather than just getting your cabinet in place and leaving it, you also have the choice to explore plenty of customization options. For example, to help it blend with the rest of your interior, you can paint it in any color you like, such as cream or beige for a "country cottage" feel, or even a daring bolder color such as yellow to make a statement — it will all depend on your personal taste and the style of your room. Likewise, to take your organization that extra step further, implement some drawstring storage bags into your compartments, using them to store socks, underwear, and any other items you want to categorize. In fact, you may even want to label them to add some extra efficiency.

In addition, you could use this for clothes around any other area of your home, for example, in a mudroom for scarves, gloves, and hats, or in your laundry room to make sorting clean laundry a breeze — it's not only limited to your bedroom. You can do so by using it to categorize clean or dirty clothes. Just make sure you consider the amount of clothes you have, so you can select the right size product for your needs. If you have a large amount or plenty of bulkier clothes, then you may be better off opting for a larger size.