Create A Mood-Boosting Environment In Your Kitchen With This Stunning Color Combo

Your kitchen is probably one of the most-used rooms in your home. It's the place where you can make a meal for your loved ones, gossip over a glass of wine, and decorate the space to suit your personality. Frankly, this is also the same reason many people often go back and forth on paint samples before transforming their builder-grade kitchen into a showstopper, as they want to ensure they make the right choice. One increasingly-popular yet unique way people achieve the kitchen of their dreams is by painting their cabinets green, which adds a pop of vibrancy to a once-neutral space. Recently, homeowners have made a slight change to the trend by including a pop of pink as well.

Pink is a pale shade of red, and according to the color wheel, green and red are complementary tones, or they're on opposite sides of the wheel. This means that many consider the pair to look great together. Further, when one tone is slightly lightened or darkened, a pair of complementary tones can appear much more appealing to the eye — because pink is a lighter shade of red, when used with any shade of green, it can look great. With this theory in mind, green and pink are a color combination that offers the perfect mood-boosting environment your kitchen needs.

Why a pink and green kitchen can boost your mood

One of the reasons why this color combination can boost your mood is because each of the tones perfectly balances the other. Warm tones — which include yellow, orange, red, and their respective hues — are great for breathing space, energy, and excitement into any room. Cool tones — such as green, blue, and purple — refine warm tones by bringing a relaxed and calm energy to the space. Together, mixing colors in these tones, such as pink and green, creates perfect balance between chaos and order, energy and relaxation, and modernism and tradition.

There's another reason why green and pink kitchens are the perfect mood-booster: They're a reflection of nature. Most of us are familiar with the many hues of pink and green in nature that bring a smile to our face like pink flowers and green vegetation. By adding these colors to our kitchens, we can create the same mood many of us experience when outdoors. Further, while green represents new beginnings, growth, and abundance, pink adds a nurturing touch of romance and compassion that's essential for nature to thrive. By adding green and pink to your kitchen's color palette, you can find nature's tranquility right at home.

How to incorporate this color combination into your kitchen

To add these two colors to your space, green kitchen cabinets can be paired with a baby pink island (or vice versa) to reflect joy and positivity while cooking your favorite dish. Alternatively, you can pair green kitchen cabinets with blush pink walls (or, again, vice versa) to give both shades enough room to shine. To add in a nature-inspired feel that looks like a garden, incorporate facets like green countertops, a pink floral wallpaper, and wooden accents. To make matters even better, the kitchen is one of the best places to display indoor plants. You could add a touch of greenery with some potted plants and then accent the space with some pink items to achieve this color combo in a more subtle way as well.

Pink and green kitchens can also be tailored to a specific time period or style that resonates with you. Incorporating a retro microwave, freezer, and kitchen backsplash (geometric designs, anyone?) that fall in the selected color palette could breathe life into your kitchen. If you prefer a touch of modernism, creating a tri-colored space that uses a dark shade of green, a light shade of pink, and one neutral will add more dimension, depth, and sophistication to the surrounding area. For maximalists, it may be fun to experiment with bold wallpaper and backsplash patterns like chevron in these tones as well.