How To Use A Pop Of Color To Turn Your Builder-Grade Kitchen Into A Showstopper

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If your kitchen is builder-grade (i.e. basic and minimalist) but you yearn to bring some color into it, the easiest way to do this is through details. Adding in color to a basic room can be with bigger statements like colorful appliances or smaller ones like a fruit bowl or dish towels. By choosing this method, you're not breaking the bank or risking making a permanent change to your kitchen that you might not like in the future. 

There are heaps of ways to bring in color to your kitchen that don't involve getting in contractors and can be temporary. Plus, the best thing about this method is that you can swap out the colors year to year for a fresh feel. This makes it especially effective if you are currently renting. A lot of rental places don't allow you to make major changes, such as painting a wall or installing new countertops. Because of this, you may feel limited in the changes you can make. However, incorporating small swaps will transform your kitchen from a place you only use for cooking to one you love looking at.

Make your kitchen into a space you want to spend time in

Popular appliance brand Smeg has heaps of retro-style products, including the Smeg Refrigerator, which comes in tons of colors, including charming mint green (pictured above). A colorful fridge is a great way to add in a pop of color while still bringing something practical to your kitchen. Even one appliance swap-out can make a huge difference to a neutral space. Swapping out a large appliance is easier if you own your home. If you live in rented accommodation, there are plenty of other changes you can implement instead.

One such way to do so is by not replacing but rather adding in things. Hanging up art is the perfect way to bring a splash of color to a minimalist kitchen, and you can use Command Strips to ensure you don't leave a trace on the walls. You can either add in art pieces as the sole change or match them to your appliances for a coordinated look that's very pleasing to the eye. Whether it's prints, patterns, or a photograph, bringing in art will liven up a space instantly. It can also be extremely budget-friendly. Finally, as mentioned, a fruit bowl is another budget-friendly way of bringing in color. Fill it up with a variety of fruits for a bold look that doesn't require anything else to work.