Stylish Ways To Repurpose A Rake Around The House Instead Of Throwing It Out

Your old or unused rake is wasted potential stuffed away in the back of your garden shed. You can repurpose the landscaping tool in and out of your house, as the rake's industrial style and forklike head make it great for décor, organization, and storage. We have 11 ways you can repurpose your rake and save it from the landfill.

Straight bow rakes and triangular lawn rakes are best for these DIYs. However, feel free to use your spare hand rake for mini versions of these projects, too. Don't worry if your leaf sweeper isn't in the best condition. In fact, if the handle is broken, you're in luck. The majority of these upcycles only use the rake head, and if the bristles are corroded, even better — it will add a rustic charm to your home. But before you transform the old rake into new trinkets, you'll need to clean it. Use a brush to dislodge any dirt from the tines and wipe it down with a clean cloth, then the rake will be ready for an upgrade.

Dangle your coffee mugs

We're bringing the rake inside the kitchen and turning it into a functional décor piece to house your coffee mugs. Simply remove the tool's handle and secure the crown to your kitchen wall; next to the coffee maker, tea kettle, or dish rack is a great place to mount it. Then, slide the mug handles onto the rake's tines. If you're not a coffee drinker, you can use the mounted rake to hold your wine glasses. Just turn the drinkware upside down and slide the stems between the rake tines.

Hang kitchen utensils with style

Another way you can use the rake in the kitchen is to hang cooking utensils. After detaching the handle and mounting the rake head, thread your cooking accessories onto the tines. You want to install it away from the stove to avoid grease splatters. It is also best to hang your most used utensils so your rack is functional and doesn't collect dust. This is a simple project that can help free up counter space and declutter your kitchen drawers.

Give your home some rustic flare

An old rake head makes for a stellar statement shelf. It's a rustic piece that can house trinkets like mini plants and decorative signs. Bow rakes are best for this upcycle, but you can also use a triangular leaf rake. You'll just need to do the extra step of bending the bristles at a 90-degree angle to form the ledge. Again, get rid of the handle and screw the rake's crown where you want the shelf to be. Then, place your ornaments on top. You can also add a wood plank underneath the tines for more support.

DIY a tool holder

The unused rake can stay in the garage, not as an abandoned tool but as a rack for your tools. The mounted rake head is perfect for hanging hammers, pliers, hand trowels, and other equipment. You can even clip a bag to the bristles to hold smaller items like screws and bolts. This DIY can help clear crowded toolboxes and takes advantage of unused wall space instead.

Craft a makeshift squeegee

With a pool noodle and zip ties, your rake can become a squeegee. A bow rake is the weapon of choice for this DIY. Simply cut the pool noodle to the length of your rake head, slice the foam lengthwise, slide it onto the rake teeth, and secure the noodle with zip ties. Now, you have a squeegee to clear water or spills from your patio or garage.

Give your front door a facelift

Turning the rake's crown into a wreath is a stylish way to breathe new life into your old landscaping tool. Rusted tines lend a country-esque aesthetic to the design, but you can spray paint the bristles any color to fit your preference. Then, add your favorite ornaments like faux flowers, a welcome sign, or a bow to finish the piece. Plus, you can use the same rake base and swap out the décor to restyle the wreath for different weather seasons or holidays.

DIY outdoor decorations

There is another way you can use a rake to decorate outside your home. This DIY leaves the handle intact for a standing decorative sign. First, spray paint the rake your color of choice. You can even give it a rustic look by sponging on a copper shade. Then, add a personalized sign to the handle and prop the décor against your wall. Ribbons, string lights, and flowers are great additions to spice up the piece. Finally, place the finished design under an awning or covered porch to protect the homemade artwork from the elements.

Display family photos

A rake comes in handy for adding personality to your home with family photos. We're swapping the traditional rectangular frame for the old tool. Forgo the rake's handle and attach its crown to your gallery wall, above the mantel, or anywhere that could use the homey art. Then, use clothes pins to clip printed photos to the bristles. It is a unique design that brings an intimate touch to your space.

Declutter that stack of mail

The stack of incoming mail on your console table can get out of hand, but a rake makes for a neat mail organizer to declutter the letters. Simply remove the tool's handle and place the rake head on top of your desk. The space between each bristle is now a slot for your mail, and the overwhelming mountain of envelopes is avoided. You can also add labels to the rake to help categorize the pile.

Give your jewelry a place to hang

Inside your closet is another great place for a mounted rake. You can attach the tool's head behind your closet door, on the wall, or on the side of your dresser to house your accessories. Dangle necklaces or ties from the tines and pile your rings into a mesh bag before sliding them onto the bristles. It is functional storage that will also look like stylish décor.

Fashion a key rack

Last but not least, your entryway gets a rake upcycle, too. You can use the leaf sweeper as a key rack. Install it near your front door and hook your keys on the rake tines for easy access. It is also great for pet leashes, umbrellas, and other miscellaneous items you don't want to forget before you're out the door.