Stop Saving Bulky Shoeboxes When You Could Be Storing Shoes Like This

Storing shoes in those bulky boxes that they come in typically looks unattractive and can ruin the vibe of the otherwise stylish room, hallway, or closet where you keep them. Having a bunch of random shoeboxes filled with shoes floating around your space can also lead to unorganized storage and even turn your footwear into clutter. Plus, there are many more creative ways to repurpose old shoeboxes than just stuffing your shoes in them, such as using them for keeping your cables organized or storing your jewelry. Everyone should have a chic shoe storage method, so, do yourself — and your shoes — a favor and upcycle your shoe boxes in other ways but consider a more organized and aesthetically pleasing strategy for shoe storage.  

Have you considered investing in a shoe cubby, rack, or organizer to keep track of your footwear? If your closet has a shelf, put the shoe storage on top of that shelf so you can conveniently grab the best footwear to complete any outfit, save yourself from losing or misplacing your favorite shoes, and keep the footwear from taking up too much space.

Check out these shoe storage options

Don't be afraid to shop for a cubby, rack, or organizer to solve your shoe storage problems, as there are many excellent options, such as the beloved Shoe Storage by Loon Peak, available for around $100 at Wayfair. The freestanding manufactured wood shoe cubby has enough room for 15 pairs of shoes, and many happy reviewers appreciate the product's quality and convenience.

Another option is the versatile VASAGLE Shoe Rack Bench, where the smallest option provides six compartments or cubbies, and the largest has 15 cubbies. Made of particleboard, foam, and linen-look fabric cover, the most petite and inexpensive option sells for around $70 at Walmart, while the most spacious and expensive variation of the item is just over $95.

On the other hand, anyone looking for a smaller, more affordable option should check out the Sorbus 6 Pair Stackable Shoe Storage Box, available at Wayfair for about $30. The stackable freestanding gray shoe storage option is made of fabric and cardboard. While some reviewers noted that it's not as sturdy as they were hoping it would be, customers shared that it can hold more than six pairs of shoes.

You may want to DIY a shoe organizer

Are you someone who prefers making most of your furniture and home decor yourself instead of shopping for pre-made options? Anyone who enjoys DIY projects may want to create their own custom shoe organizers, and there are different ways to go about the process. If you are comfortable with and enjoy working with wood, Make For Others posted a YouTube video going through the process of creating a wood shoe cubby. It's a good idea to do all the measurements and write them down before you begin working with the wood, and always be diligent and careful when building your creation. You might also want to paint it in a color you like to better fit the aesthetic of the space where you'll be keeping it.

But believe it or not, working with wood isn't the only way to DIY your shoe storage. YouTube account @123GOSHORTS shared a video teaching viewers how to make a shoe rack out of wire hangers. Move the ends of the hanger up, turn it to the side, and put another hanger on top, then tie the connected centers of them together, turn them upside down so they look like tables, and repeat for as many shoe holders as you need. Therefore, there are many more organized shoe storage options than random bulky shoeboxes.